Orbiter Electronic Listening Device

Orbiter Electronic Listening Device

The electronic listening device is so powerful a human conversation can be heard over 300 Feet away. Here secret surveillance when you really need to know what’s going on. You’ll get even more benefits with the view finder and Playback System.

Product Features

  • Listen to voices and sounds from 300 feet away
  • Digital Recording allows 120 second Playback
  • High Quality Headphones
  • See things up close with viewfinderand 10X prisim

3 thoughts on “Orbiter Electronic Listening Device

  1. Tony P "Tons"
    Tony P "Tons" says:

    Bought and returned it I was impresed by the look and bought this item some time ago. You can only hear what you can hear through your bare ears with this. If you can hear through the walls without it, by placing both your palms on your ear, then you can hear it with this device too. There is simply no advantage in it. If you relly need to get long range listening devices, they are expensive and they’re rarely available only on hi-end spy gadget places. Save your money.

  2. sherrie casey
    sherrie casey says:

    great product i do not use this for spying on people i use it for paranormal investigations..you can hear quite a bit with this item but you can also hear alot if other people are in the building..i would recommend using this in a quiet setting or in a small gruop if you are an investigator (of the paranormal)

  3. fares alkhulify
    fares alkhulify says:

    Orbiter Electronic Listening Device like toy i try Orbiter Electronic Listening Deviceits like toy for kids i don’t like it , so if like it take it as a toy

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