Farberware Classic 17-Piece Tool and Gadget Set

Farberware Classic 17-Piece Tool and Gadget Set

This Farberware Classic Tool and Gadget Set includes all the utensils you need for all your food prep tasks. Set includes one each: slotted spoon, basting spoon, turner, slotted turner, spoon/spatula, spatula/scrapper, peeler, pizza cutter, can opener, 4-piece measuring cup set and a 4-piece measuring spoon set. Hand washing recommended for can opener, all other items are dishwasher safe.

Product Features

  • Set includes essential tools including a turner, slotted turner, basting spoon, and a slotted spoon
  • Tools are safe to use on all cookware including non stick
  • Also includes gadgets including a can opener, pizza cutter, and measuring cups and spoons
  • Dishwasher safe

3 thoughts on “Farberware Classic 17-Piece Tool and Gadget Set

  1. Timothy B. Riley
    Timothy B. Riley says:

    There are some good and some very bad gadgets in this set I cook as a serious hobby and own plenty of turners, spoons and measuring cups, mostly in stainless steel. However, I have a son who recently married and I have been buying some basic kitchen gadgets for them. I thought that this set would be useful and it seemed like a good value (they complain that I am always spending too much on them each time that they see me.) Farberware is a name that I recognized, not high end but not the worst, so I decided to give it a shot. Here is my take on each item included here:* The spoons and the turners: Fairly well-made with a nice feel to them. The handles feel weighted and are well balanced. The turners were a little more rigid that I would like but over all I give them 4 stars.* The can opener: It’s okay, not really well made but it should hold up for a few years. 3 stars.* The measuring cups and spoons: Again, not great but usable. They look like something you would pick up at the dollar store, however they are well marked with their respective sizes. 3 stars.* The spatulas: They seemed to be pretty cheaply made and were overly soft. 2 stars.* The vegetable peeler and the pizza cutter: Junk, I don’t even think that they would work more than once. They were so cheaply and poorly made that I would have been embarrassed to give them to anyone. I threw them straight into the trash can. 1 star.Overall, the set is just barely acceptable and if I had it to do over again I would have bought something else.

  2. D. Jenkins

    A good middle of the road set I picked this because it has nearly everything you need to start building your kitchen. We are moving into a new apartment and are bringing nearly nothing from our previous places. So, this was the perfect choice. You cannot find something that includes such a variety at this price in the stores. By no means are these super thick top of the line items. But, you will find sturdy tools that you can use daily and you won’t cry for your wallet if something breaks.

  3. MDR

    Nice set This is a great set for daily use. It includes a nice variety of kitchen tools, and they all function well. Attractive and durable product at a great price.

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