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  1. Stephanie Sullivan
    Stephanie Sullivan says:

    Does the basics well, but not a lot more The Amazon Basics bag replaced my small Tamrac pro quality bag from the 1980’s. That was made for film SLR cameras and at most two lenses and one body. That bag is my basis for comparison.Looking at current Tamrac lineup the closest comparision is the . It a different level of camera bag, but their closest match of size/function. At this time it is about 4X the price of the AmazonBasics bag. It’s worth a look for comparison shoppers.The Amazon Basics Medium DSLR bag is big enough to hold my Olympus E30 DSLR with the 12-60MM zoom lens attached (one of the larger prime zooms), a 9-18mm ultra-wide zoom and a 45-150 kit zoom. All these have lens hoods mounted in storage position. The camera is face down in the middle with the two other lenses on either side. The accessories I carry easily fit in the front pouch or the pouch inside the lid. This includes a small tabletop tripod. I find this bag is medium sized within reason.The dimensions of the bag have been called into question. I measure it at about 10X8X6 inches.The bag and dividers are quite sufficiently padded for casual use. The density of the foam seems as good as my old Tamrac pro bag. The lack of a stiffener in the bottom of the bag is a slight weak point but not a big deal. I think this bag will protect your camera equipment within the reasonable bangs and bumps of a casual photographer.The top makes an attempt at weather tolerance with the folding flaps at the closure. It’s OK I guess, but it does not compare to either the all-sides overlapping top closure of my old Tamrac bag. The plastic latch closure for the top of the bag seems sufficient, but it is not at the same level as the adjustable metal closure on my Tamrac bag: Amateur vs. pro quality. The strap holding the latch has very little adjustment available so there is little capability to over-stuff the bag in a pinch.Wearing the bag was interesting. The padded strap is wide and reasonably comfortable on my shoulder. But… the strap length is such that to have the pad centered on my shoulder I had to use the adjustment to lengthen the strap to the point the bag was next to my hip rather than my waist where I prefer it. I do not like wearing it cross-shoulder which would put it at my waist. It does not have hard corners or bulging or things that would make it uncomfortable against the side of my body.The grey piping on the outside and grey interior are both nice touches. The fabric and construction look like they will hold up fine in basic use. I looked at the orange interior and it’s bright and happy looking, but how soon will it look soiled and dingy?My expectation for this bag is in the name: Amazon Basics. For a basic generic bag at a very cost effective price it hits the mark. It will be just fine for many or most photographers that are not out there doing demanding work in poor weather or difficult conditions. Maybe the “basics” label might make the bag be less of a temptation for theives than a more prominent name brand bag?Hope this helps someone.

  2. Avid reader

    Reasonable quality, decent bag The AmazonBasics Medium DSLR Gadget Bag is a decent bag for the price. It is well constructed, and the bag is adequately padded for the purpose. It holds my daughter’s camera, extra lens, as well as the accessories she needs for class.The bag has held up so far to the attentions of a 15 year old who rides the bus to school and shoves it into a book locker. The camera has obviously been protected from damage during its trips to and from school, or at least the daughter has not complained about her camera not working.The interior has two dividers that have hook fasteners that allow you to shift them around the fuzzy interior to create appropriately sized slots for the camera and other gear. Small interior flapped pockets (on the top of the bag) hold memory cards and other small items, while larger pockets on the outside are useful for chargers and other accessories.A good bag for the price, and definitely better (and larger) than the more expensive one she had before.

  3. korova

    Best as a starter or secondary bag The AmazonBasics Medium DSLR Gadget Bag is indeed quite basic. I think it’s best used for:*One’s first camera bag. It’s an inexpensive way to hold a camera, lens, and some accessories while deciding what features to look for when choosing a more robust, tricked out bag.*A secondary bag for when you want to go fast and light. The fabric, padding, clasps, buckles, and closures on this bag are much lighter and less burly than those on less basic bags.*Teens or kids who need a simple bag to carry gear you’ve handed down to them.Most dedicated photographers will want a sturdier, more weatherproof primary bag for their rig. The main flap, which is not zippered and has gaps between it and the bag’s main compartment, will let water into the bag during rainstorms. The materials and hardware probably won’t stand up to hard, constant use. Even so, I do believe this bag could be a decent choice for new photographers or for use as an auxiliary bag in dry conditions, as long as you keep its limitations in mind.Bottom line: 3 stars. If a rain cover was included or if it was possible to seal the main compartment from the elements, this bag could rate 4 stars.

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