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  1. A. A. Glazer "world wide web wanderer"
    A. A. Glazer "world wide web wanderer" says:

    Love it!!! It took me a while to decide what phone to buy – did lots of research. I believe in yesterday’s technology when it is still good. This is. It does everything the new phone of today do. Only issue I have – and I’ve reaad about it in many reviews – is the camera. It is very slow to respond. But that is not why I have it. I have a good DSLR and it doesn’t bother me that the camera in my phone is not that great. Everything else works wonderfully. Great reception….I can hear and be heard well. It finds my wireless very quickly. Lots (LOTS) of options in the settings menu. It is extremely highly customizable. There are seven (7) home pages to set up whatever you may need. I have it set up as one with my calendar, another with music/radio apps, another with oft used numbers, another with a sticky note and one with photos, one with navigation and map stuff and the last with misc apps including my Siri-like helper (works great by the way). The battery isn’t great, but it lasts all day. I am used to charging it each night. I bought a second battery so it’s there if I do need it. Get a case of some sort (even though it’s a pretty device, you need to cover it) – and a screen protector. I have two different types of cases I got here on Amazon (the battery too). I also suggest you get a Bluetooth if you don’t already have one – pairing is simple and fast. But back to the Droid X – it is great. I love my phone and use it for many things all day, every day. The fact that it is larger than most other phones is nice. I can see better with the extra real estate. Carrying it is no bother if you have the right case. It will fit in your pocket – but be careful you don’t break it there. Great phone. If something happened to mine – I’d get another one.

  2. Tanner V.

    Love it more than the iPhone I’ve owned my Droid X since it came out, and I simply love it. I can’t imagine having a different phone. I feel it surpasses the iPhone in a few ways. For one, it has a bigger and sharper screen. If you’re planning to play games, watch movies or shows, this is the phone for you. It might not seem like it’s “that much” bigger, but it is and it makes a difference. The screen is sharp enough that I watch Netflix and HBO shows on my phone all the time (did I mention the WiFi is strong enough on the phone for this to be possible?). Also, a lot of people think they simply must have their music on their iPods. Once I got this phone, I sold my old iTouch. Are iPods better at handling music then the Droid X? Yes. But is it a significant upgrade? No, not at all. The music quality is the exact same, so the only difference is the interface. It’s very easy to get the music from your computer onto the phone as well, simply a drag and drop process. Having owned the phone for almost a year and half, I have to say that the battery has declined over time. When I got the phone, the battery life was about 8-10 hours using it somewhat throughout the day. Now that is about 5-7 hours of heavier use. Even so, I still love this phone and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone!

  3. PSSinPHX

    Best decision I ever made I purchased this phone 14 months ago, and still feel it was the best decision I could have made. I absolutely love the camera. The 8 megapixels means that I have clear, high quality pictures that I can use for digital scrapbooking, printing, and sharing with friends and family. I love that my video and still camera is always at my fingertips. In addition, I use this phone for hours every day to check email, text, play games, wake up in the morning, play music, listen to digital books, and find out how to get where I’m going. Oh, and sometimes I even make calls with it! It’s pretty great for that too! I also like that the touch screen keyboard has good sized buttons. I rarely have typos, but have been known to have some auto-correct fails from time to time. The only thing I don’t like about this phone is that I have to have two sets of music libraries, one on Amazon, and one on ITunes. Ah well, nothing is perfect.

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