Polder Safe-Serve Instant Read Kitchen Thermometer with Torch, Red

Polder Safe-Serve Instant Read Kitchen Thermometer with Torch, Red

Polder has been offering everyday products with extraordinary design since its launch. The company was established in 1976, delivering better quality European-styled housewares to the U.S. market. Polder found early in success in ironing and storage, and also launched the industry’s first line of digital in-oven thermometers, equipped with a long cord so consumers could digitally monitor food without removing it from the oven. Through the years, Polder has built an eclectic collection of core home categories, including kitchen timers and thermometers, laundry and ironing products, kitchen scales, and a variety of other storage solutions. Polder products are tested and certified for their consistent high quality by independent standards labs.

Product Features

  • Speed-Read probe gives accurate readings in 8 seconds using our exclusive speed read technology
  • Make it simple to cook to your liking for meat type and “doneness” using USDA temperatures
  • Temperature range; 32 degrees F. to 212 degrees F
  • Probe has thinner tip for smaller sampling hole in meat; 10 inch probe is perfect for use on the grill, keeping hands at a safe distance from heat
  • Works well in oven; no more sliding out the whole rack to check for meat temperatures

3 thoughts on “Polder Safe-Serve Instant Read Kitchen Thermometer with Torch, Red

  1. T.D. Orr "Dano"
    T.D. Orr "Dano" says:

    Easy convenient and has menus I originally saw this device on Americas Test Kitchen and they gave it a good review. I have several meat thermometers and I found this one to be accurate based on testing with other ones I have. I also like the fact that it has menus for each kind of meat you are cooking. One of my many faults is that I can’t always remember what temperature a meat should be when it is supposed to be rare or well done. Once you figure out how to use this (pretty easy) it is really helpful as is the alarm sound when the meat is at the correct temperature . How long will it last? That remains to be seen. But for now it gets a 5 out of 5

  2. Miluzzu

    … but this one was just right I’ve had fast and accurate thermometers that were too short to use on high temp cooks on the grill. Either they’d shut down due to the heat or I’d have to fetch the gloves just to get a temperature. Not with this one.It’s long enough to hold comfortably away from the heat. It’s fast and the light up display is going to be a big help as summer gives way to fall. I thought it’s accuracy was off on my first try, so I checked against my old, short “tried and true” that always shorts out in the heat and it was right on the money.I’m very pleased with this purchase so far. If you want a long reach fast reading thermometer, I would recommend it.

  3. Judah's Darling
    Judah's Darling says:

    Great thermometer Saw Alton Brown using something similar to this. I really don’t know how I have done without this. Very long and thin probe means no heating up of your extremities while using and does not poke a big hole in the meat. Senses quickly and you can choose which type of meat, poultry, etc., and the temp you want the meat to come out at and it sends out a little ‘alarm’ when your meat is at the perfect temp. Great for bbq’ing or in the oven. Highly recommend

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