Gun And Target Recordable Alarm Clock by TG

Gun And Target Recordable Alarm Clock by TG

Trademark Games Gun And Target Recordable Alarm Clock lets you blast your way out of bed! Get the drop on your wakeup routine! With the Gun and Target Alarm Clock you just blast the bullseye to “earn” 5 extra minutes of snooze. It’s simple and fun: Set the 12 hour clock and alarm for your desired wake time, record your own wake up message or music and enjoy a great night’s sleep. When it’s time to wake up your recording will play for three minutes and the target will pop up. Shoot the bull’s-eye once in normal mode or five times in hard mode with the gun for another five minutes of sleep! There’s even a game mode so you can practice while you’re awake! Target Recordable Alarm Clock: 12-hour time display; 2 alarm modes: Normal (1-shot deactivation), Hard (5-shot deactivation); Recordable alarm lets you wakeup to whatever sound or music you like; Includes 2 game modes: reaction tester, accuracy tester; Requires 4 AA Batteries (not included); Measures 5 1/4 x 5 1/2 x 1 3/4″; Infrared Gun: Recoil action and sound effects give you a high-caliber wakeup experience! Range: 18 feet; Dimensions: 5. 5/8 x 1 1/8 x 4 3/8″; Requires 2 AA Batteries (not included); Start your day off with a bang! Order Today! Trademark Games Gun And Target Recordable Alarm Clock

Product Features

  • Target recordable alarm clock:
  • 12 hour time display
  • 2 alarm modes: normal (1 shot deactivation) and hard (5 shot deactivation)
  • 2 game modes: reaction tester and accuracy tester
  • Includes infrared Gun, recoil action and sound effects and range: 18′

2 thoughts on “Gun And Target Recordable Alarm Clock by TG

  1. Spiffy McPerson
    Spiffy McPerson says:

    Flawed, but cool The first thing you should know is that this alarm clock is really cool. It feels great blasting the alarm into silence. The noise is customizable, so you can start your day with any sound you desire, and then SHOOT IT IN THE FACE! Just fantastic.Unfortunately, there is a second thing you should know. The brilliant concept of this device is marred by poor, sometimes perplexing, design. The clock itself cannot be plugged into a wall outlet; it requires 4 AA batteries. I recommend buying rechargeables for this motorized monster, because it eats through a new set of batteries every few weeks. The customizable alarm’s recording time is capped at a pitiful 6 seconds. The button layout is needlessly awkward – the button for setting the alarm time is dangerously close to the button for erasing the alarm recording, which incidentally is the only button that doesn’t make an irritating noise every time you press it.Yet, despite its host of problems, I think this clock is great. It’s the bee’s knees. So go ahead and buy it anyway; you probably won’t regret it!

  2. D. Jacobson

    Don’t buy I will admit before buying this I failed to look at the manufacturers recommended age which is 7-11 because I found this item on another web site. My only problem with this age group is that kids of that age aren’t old enough to loathe their alarm clocks seeing as most of them still have a bed time and are woken up by their parents. I assumed that this toy wouldn’t be deadly accurate but i hoped you at least had to aim at the target to get a hit but that is not the case. from about 12 feet away, i could point the tip of the gun up to about 6 feet away from the target and still get a hit which makes this toy a lot less fun. I expected it to require at least some skill to hit the target that way if it was on hard mode, which takes 5 shots to snooze, the act of having to aim semi well would wake me up enough to decide to stay up but that was not the case, one trigger pull equals a hit so on normal mode it even takes away the benefit of placing your alarm at a different part of the room to make you walk to hit snooze, not you have a snooze “remote”. The only positive aspect of this alarm clock is the fact that you can record your own wake up tone/song, but you can do that with a cell phone too, so when all is said and done this was a poor use of 26 dollars. I would not buy again and I recommend against buying it.

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