Skooba Cable Stable Mini (750-250)

Skooba Cable Stable Mini (750-250)

A smaller version of one of the Cable Stable DLX, one of our most popular products ever, and a must for the serious road warrior or frequent flier. The Mini Cable Stable is an elegant, highly efficient way to store and protect your essential cords, adapters, batteries, and other accessories that travel with your portable electronics. Keeps everything organized and gets rid of the “snake pit” in your carry-on bag, suitcase, or backpack. Keep the Mini Stable in hand through airport security to keep your passport, ID, and boarding pass all in one place. On the plane, the Mini Stable keeps your cables, adapters and portable devices within easy reach instead of buried in your bag. Also great for transporting your tech in a checked bag, or for carrying office supplies and other low-tech necessities. Primary Materials: Nylon twill exterior, smooth, scratch-free nylon pack cloth interior lining Hardware and trim: Heavy-duty elastic hold-down straps, smooth, self-healing coil zippers

Product Features

  • A smaller version of our original, best-selling Cable Stable DLX, keeps all of your essential tech accessories or other small items well organized and protected. The perfect size to slip into a laptop bag or suitcase.
  • 11 intelligently-organized, flexible spaces hold cords and cables, adapters, batteries, USB drives, office supplies, even compact camera or portable audio device.
  • “Floating” elastic hold-down grid provides fast, simple and very versatile stowage without the hassle and constraints of fixed-size pockets and pouches.
  • Large neoprene pocket protects phone or other portable device
  • Expandable elastic pocket holds business/frequent flier cards, etc

3 thoughts on “Skooba Cable Stable Mini (750-250)

  1. XMAN777

    After one year of use, this is just too big for a road warrior. I bought this bag over a year ago, and at first, I loved it. The cable stable and the mini are great for organizing your cordage, but they both take up a large amount of space in my carry on, which is just not practical for me. I ended up loading the cords in this that I don’t use all the time and throwing the whole bag in my checked luggage. If you have cordage to carry that you wont be needing at the airport, then this is a great carry case, however, if you need access to your charge cables and whatnot, then this is not the best product for you.I still use this in my checked luggage to this day to carry the cables and associated hardware that I need to charge my second laptop while on the road. I think it is very well built out of sturdy materials and will last a long time. The Skooba case also gets brownie points for organization and a quick reference to assure that you’ve got all your E-gear in the bag.All told, I find the case attractive and it does the job of organizing, but the bottom line is: If you travel three or more times a month, then you might consider a different storage alternative for your carry on cordage.My preferred method is Vaultz Nylon mesh zipper bags. they take up a quarter of the space and I can see what’s inside without having to get them out of my bag and open them up.Just my two cents.

  2. Seana James ""
    Seana James "" says:

    A Cure for the Cord Clutter I have to say, this little organizer has changed my life. I first bought the and soon had it filled with cords and chargers for my smart phone, my mp3 players, my computer and my Kindle, so I ordered this as a back up. They’re a little pricey, but well worth it because of the internal features like elastic holders and zippered pockets. If you’re considering this one, take a look at to get both sizes. I use these things all the time and now have the DLX for phone and computer stuff and the Mini for MP3 things. I bought the to use with my Kindle because the Kindle Fire does NOT work well with the Skooba Mini. With all three, I now have dedicated “clutter fixers” for all my small electronics and when I travel, I can simply unzip and send them through the TSA screener with my laptop! Highly recommended for those who, like me, have too many cords and not enough time.

  3. Scott Meade "Sevenseat"
    Scott Meade "Sevenseat" says:

    A good compromise. I have been looking for something to help me clean up the wires in my laptop bag for some time. My AC adapter came in a nylon zipper bag, but it doesn’t offer much organization. This seems to fit my needs for all of the random cables that I need to carry. USB, iPod, headphones, a Kensington lock, etc. There is not enough room for my AC adapter, but I find that I like two smaller cable bags than one large one. Two smaller bags make better use of the nooks and crannies in my laptop bag, where a large one would just take up space in the main compartment.

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