Condor Pocket Pouch/US Patch (Black, 7.25 x 5-Inch)

Condor Pocket Pouch/US Patch (Black, 7.25 x 5-Inch)

Condor Outdoor Products, Inc specialize in tactical vest, plate carrier, modular pouches, packs…etc. With over 20 years of experience in the tactical/outdoor gear industry, Condor offers all the essential gear for any mission while saving you money.

Product Features

  • – Free Velcro USA flag patch – Three internal pockets – A fold-out Vinyl sleeve w/padded back (fits a 30G IpOlive Drab Video) – Import

2 thoughts on “Condor Pocket Pouch/US Patch (Black, 7.25 x 5-Inch)

  1. Craig

    Excellent Value This is an excellent value. The BDU Wallet is a good choice for holding a small set of tools, pens, etc. that can slip into the pockets of cargo pants or a BDUs. It also comes with built in MOLLE straps. I am using mine to hold my various small screwdrivers, hex wrenches, pens, etc. I take to the range. The wallet attaches to my backback or slips in and out of the pockets really easy (the handle at the top of the wallet helps to retrieve the wallet).As an added bonus the velcro flag itself generally runs $5+ so at $8 for the whole thing it is basically a steal.

  2. JDP

    Great for EDC organization. I purchased this in Coyote tan, awesome looking color. I bring it with me every day and leave it in my glove box. It stores my pens, markers, a small flashlight, lighter, notebook, business cards, batteries, some bandaids/small first aid, baggie with pain meds/tums, and a small pocket multi-tool. Thinking about putting in a disposable poncho, I’m pretty sure it could fit. I am considering buying the Condor medium assault pack to match.Great buy for the price!

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