Leather Hole Punch Tool, Heavy Duty 2.0mm – 4.5mm

Leather Hole Punch Tool, Heavy Duty 2.0mm – 4.5mm

Industrial Grade Leather Hole Puncher Pliers This is a pair of professional punch hole pliers They are designed to punch through those hard and tough leather The harden punch head sizes are 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm & 4.5mm The punch heads are rotatable for ease of use, as opposed to removable heads There are no parts to loose They also have firm comfortable rubberized grip handles They will last and last for many years, will pay for themselves over time NOTE: Pictures are for illustration purpose only, actual item may slightly vary in appearance and design.

Product Features

  • 9 1/4″ Professional Leather Punch Plier
  • Revolving Head and Replaceable Punch
  • Sizes 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm

2 thoughts on “Leather Hole Punch Tool, Heavy Duty 2.0mm – 4.5mm

  1. J. Barthel

    Good but could be better This is a good leather hole punch. It is made sturdy so you do not have to worry about the handles or head of the punch bending like some of the cheaper models. This works great on belts but if you have some horse tackle, saddel or the like you would like to use it on it may not be the best choice since they have thicker leather than a belt usually. The only down side to this leather punch is that there is a small black bracket that holds the punch wheel in place while you punch a hole in your leather. Well, this is a soft metal so it bends if you punch into heavy leather. If this was a solid latch instead of sheet metal it would be an awesome leather punch. Good news is the latch has a screw that lets you remove it and bend it back into shape but my guess is this will break eventually if you use it a lot. If this bracket is bent they you do not get a clean hole cut into your leather. The thicker your leather the greather chance this will happen.

  2. Annabelle Jones "Belle"
    Annabelle Jones "Belle" says:

    Packs a Punch Having several belts, etc. that needed an extra hole (or two!) I did some on-line research to identify something that could do the trick, without costing a (w)hole lot of cash – since this is a gadget that won’t be in daily use. I looked at several punches, and read the varying reviews on them; but in the end I selected this “PROFESSIONAL” puncher. I’m glad I did. It does a very good job, although you may need to use some extra exertion/punch to pierce through a thick leather belt. The punch is solidly made, easy to use, and has a good selection of various-sized punch holes. The only negative I could spot is the relatively flimsy safety catch. Otherwise, would I buy it again – definitely.

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