Skooba R750-300 Cable Stable DLX (Black)

Skooba R750-300 Cable Stable DLX (Black)

The latest generation of one of our most popular products ever, and a must for the serious road warrior. The Cable Stable DLX is an elegant, highly efficient way to store and protect all the cords, adapters, batteries, and other accessories that travel with your portable electronics. Keeps everything organized and gets rid of the “snake pit” in your carry-on bag, suitcase, or backpack.Also makes a great protective case for iPad and most other tablets and netbooks, and we’ve even heard from customers who’ve used their ‘Stables for low-tech applications like travel sundries/toiletries, school supplies and more.Primary Materials: Nylon twill exterior, smooth, scratch-free nylon pack cloth interior liningHardware and trim: Heavy-duty elastic hold-down straps, smooth, self-healing coil zippers

Product Features

  • Over 15 intelligently-organized, flexible spaces to hold cords and cables, AC power blocks
  • Innovative, “floating” elastic hold-down grid provides fast, simple and very versatile stowage
  • Three mesh pockets hold additional small items.
  • Elastic loops provided for batteries, pens, or USB thumb drive.
  • A zippered pocket on the outside front cover is a perfect place for notes, tickets, hotel key cards

2 thoughts on “Skooba R750-300 Cable Stable DLX (Black)

  1. Brian

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! My wife says I have a problem but I like to be organized. It’s important to me to have what I need easily within reach as I travel a lot and the convenience of a product like this easily pays for itself. I bought the large case because I wanted to house all of my cables and accessories. I’m using it to hold a travel surge protector, laptop charger, iPad A/V cable, 3.5mm audio cable, solar USB charger, USB drive, iPhone sync cable, Jambox charging cable, Apple Magic Mouse, iPad charger, camera, Macbook VGA adaptor and the charger for my myfi card. Easily fits into the front compartment of my backpack.

  2. David Esrati "Advertising's next big thing"
    David Esrati "Advertising's next big thing" says:

    Seemed small at first- but just right as it grew on me When I first opened the package I thought that this case was too small. Yes, my long vga cable, cat6 ethernet cable weren’t going to fit- which turns out to be ok.I’ve loaded up this case with all the pieces and parts for almost any disaster- I’ve got a 32gb thumbdrive with my backed up presentations, a mouse, my Apple adc- vga adapter, usb cable, firewire cable, firewire adapter, an optical mouse, mini to mini cable for sound,spare batteries for my wireless presenter clicker, etc. All these things that used to rattle around my bag.It keeps them all in place- and accessible. Considering my new “bum bum bag” doesn’t have as many internal dividers as my old bag- this has been a godsend. Yes, I balked at the price- it’s probably only worth $20-$25 which is why it’s getting 4 instead of 5 stars- but, it seems well built and for me it’s been worth it.Going through airport checkpoints should be much easier now- never mind being able to find my stuff when I need it.

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