The Official Bullsh*t Button (BS Button)

This straight-talking Bullshit Button allows you to call bullshit whenever you see it! Simply press the red buzzer to make it light up, buzz loudly and announce, That was bullshit! or shout, Bullshit detected, take precautions! over a wailing siren. No friend, relative, teacher, or colleague will dare to bullshit you again after setting off the bullshit alarm.

Product Features

  • Giant red button makes a hilarious statement or two
  • Perfect for calling out Bullsh*t without having to say a word yourself
  • The button will call it like you see it

2 thoughts on “The Official Bullsh*t Button (BS Button)

  1. eternalgreenknight "Chris"
    eternalgreenknight "Chris" says:

    Extra fun with a few minutes of work This toy was very educational- it got me thinking, and inspired creativity.This button is AMAZING! My boss has an easy button, so of course I had to get one too… because I’m just that kind of employee…lol… riiiiight. I wondered if I could swap the guts of an easy button with a BS button… so I ordered both on Amazon, and had some fun doing a little creative soldering, trimming of internal plastic (under “easy”), and use of a rubber band to hold the pressure button from the easy button in place on the BS button after soldering the wires (see below for walk-through).A switcheroo when he was out of his office, and presto: an innocuous looking button that lets out a random phrase letting you know what it REALLY was (hint: not easy)! That was easy.DISCLAIMER: I work in an agency with a “high ops-tempo” and difficult cases where “everything is a crisis,” and most importantly, a boss who gets my sense of humor. Try this at your own risk.——Remove feet from easy button, set aside (don’t lose), sticky side up.Separate halves of buttons, and carefully remove wires from easy button board (leaving them on the battery pack and speaker for ease), and BS button board.Wire Connections:Easy Buttonblack-VSSwhite- VDDRed- SpeakersBS ButtonBlack- GNDRed- VCCWhite- SpeakersI recommend soldering to the back of the BS board (just find the appropriate spot and solder- it beats trying to jam wires into the board- good luck with that)Your red wires become speaker wires, so solder those to their proper spot on the BS button.Blk stays blk, so just solder that wire to the GND spot.The white wire goes to where the red used to go, so solder that to the VCC spot.You left the yellow and blue wires dangling from the LED on the BS button shell, so don’t worry about those. They don’t get used.Loosely screw your Frankenstein’s Monster’s Trojan Button’s guts down in one spot using an existing screw hole- button side down. Leave room to slide the metal plate back in place (it’s makes a pop/click noise when you press the button, and is necessary for a convincing transformation).Now would be a good time to affix the pressure switch (the rubber button from the top of the easy button). It will work on the BS button board to complete the circuit. I used a rubber band to hold the pressure switch in place (loop it around the middle of the board from one side of the switch, and back over the switch to hold it down).On the back of the easy button’s red shell there are four posts. You’ll have to clip them almost all the way down. If you’ve tried to screw it down before now (impatient, aren’t we), you’ll have noticed that it doesn’t fit. Keep clipping until it fits snugly over the top and you can slide the metal plate back under the guts so when it’s all assembled the pressure pushes the guts down onto the pressure switch and clicks the plate at the same time). Screw it back together, and replace the feet.Let the fun begin!

  2. W. Wylie

    Fun toy for adults- tell management and coworkers how you feel I keep my BS button by my desk. Whenever someone comes to me with a ridiculous question, an absurd assignment, or opinion that they should have left at THEIR desk, I push my BS button. Nothing clarifies communications, shortens discussions, or moves managers along faster than a healthy does of “That Was BS!”

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