NcStar Small Utility Pouch – Black – Tactical/Military/Airsoft

NcStar Small Utility Pouch – Black – Tactical/Military/Airsoft

The New NcSTAR Small Utility Pouch has BIG Versatility.
One Main Zippered Compartment, one Front Zippered Compartment, and one Quick-Flap.
Perfect for storing cell phones, GPS devices, cameras, medical supplies, flashlights, small tools, and everything else you need readily accessible.
PALS Straps allow for attachment to virtually any MOLLE/PALS System.
Constructed with Heavy Duty PVC Material

Product Features

  • Color: Black
  • Hook and Loop Compartment

3 thoughts on “NcStar Small Utility Pouch – Black – Tactical/Military/Airsoft

  1. Nhan Nguyen

    Great pouch for the money. Larger than expected. First things first: Based on the single product photo, I thought the product was pretty small, based on the relative size of the zippers and zipper pulls. The product description didn’t offer any dimensions, so I added photos (see the additional photos for this product). The pouch is about 4.5″W x 6″H x 2″D, which can fit phones, GPS units (the ones with 4.3″ and smaller screens), and so on.For the money, the pouch is, like the first reviewer for this product said, quite well-constructed. I now have it attached to my messenger bag via the double MOLLE straps on its back, and plan to fill it with batteries, charging cables, and other small accessories.I definitely recommend this bag for the money.

  2. Emily L.

    Durable. Just the right size. I purchased this little pouch to be my “wallet” on my molle sling pack that I was using as a carry-on/day bag while traveling. Worked great! It’s just the right size to carry a wallet, passport, cell phone (GSIII fits nicely in the pocket under the Velcro flap), boarding passes, chap-stick, gum etc but not so big that it was in way when hooked on to the strap that came across my chest. Made everything very easy to access and I wasn’t worried about losing anything or anything falling out of a purse or being pick-pocketed. The molle straps were a little hard to get laced and snapped but I’d rather that than them being easy and more likely to come unattached. This thing is not coming off my bag without some severe motivation. The zippers are heavy duty, it’s water resistant and seems pretty indestructible. After being hauled up and down mountains, shopping, out on the beach, tossed around a plane, rental cars and so on, it rinsed right off and was no worse for the wear. Perfect for what I needed. Shipped fast and was pretty cheap.

  3. Adam

    Badass case – best in class (this size/price point) If you’re looking at a small pouch like the “BDU wallet” that a lot of companies put out, do not buy it! Get this instead. It’s awesome. It has a full-size zipper which appears to have come out of the same factory as the main zippers you find on 5.11 products. Top quality and you’ll be able to find tons of uses for it.Update:About a week after posting this review, and owning this pouch for only 5 months, the whole top seam on the side that has the molle attachments has ripped apart. Looks like its just due to stress. I have it attached to my 5.11 Rush 12 pack that gets really beat up at work. It’s the perfect size and I got used to having it on my pack so instead of buying another one or finding something else, I sewed it up and reinforced the seam with superglue.One thing I noticed right away is that I forgot to mention before is that the straps to hold this pouch onto the molle web might be slightly too short. I kinda had to force it to snap when I installed it because it seems like it should be able to weave through three molle loops – and it can if you force it like I did, but it can only comfortable go through two which I don’t really like since it flops around. Since I “forced” the straps through three loops on my pack it actually ended up compressing the side of the pack a little in order to snap it, and the snaps have come undone a few times as well. To prevent this, I’m about to order some BLACKHAWK! Speed Clips and use those instead of the pouch’s straps. Should alleviate the stress on the seam.

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