Norpro Mandoline Slicer Grater with Guard

Norpro Mandoline Slicer Grater with Guard

Quickly and easily slice, grate, shred and juice. Includes five stainless steel blades for fine and coarse grating or shredding, 3-7mm slicing/wedge/waffle cuts or 9mm french fry/julienne cuts. Safety food holder doubles as a citrus juicer. Concave notches on bottom, grater can rest securely on most containers.

Product Features

  • Compact mandoline slicer for slicing, grating, shredding, and juicing
  • 5 stainless steel blades for a good variety of slicing and shredding options
  • Safety holder doubles as a citrus juicer
  • Legs fold for easy storage; concave notches on legs help keep grater firmly on any container
  • Hand wash Recommended; includes instruction booklet

3 thoughts on “Norpro Mandoline Slicer Grater with Guard

  1. Laura L. Larsen
    Laura L. Larsen says:

    Great value! This is by far the best value when it comes to a mandoline slicer. You get a bunch of different cutting blades, and the thin/thick stick slicers rotate up from underneath, which is very convenient. They even have a plastic shield that can be popped open for cleaning, but keeps your fingers from getting cut otherwise.I bought a steel glove to use instead of the safety holder, but the safety holder is really well made and I suspect would work just fine. The citrus juicer addon seems kind of a strange thing to even build into a slicer — like attaching a pasta strainer to a toaster. Yes, they’re both used in the kitchen, but that’s where their similarities end.I’m very happy with this purchase; it’s a well-made slicer and everything worked exactly as it should. The workmanship is solid; it doesn’t feel flimsy at all. It fit over the edge of a bowl and made quick work of everything I ran across it. It even lets me (with the glove anyway) cut down to a very small sliver of potato skin — so there wasn’t much waste. It was also a breeze to clean which is important to me.It would be nice if there was an organizer to keep all the plates in one place, though. I used a small plastic shoe-box sized container to toss them into, and that works, but would love to see something designed for it.

  2. MikeBenn

    Honest Review I understand why this has both positive and negative reviews, I’ll try to debunk that it this review.The positive. This has cut up everything I’ve needed without any trouble. Cheese, potatoes, carrots, etc. pretty much anything that is firm and you can throw at it. It has pop up blades and can make a 9x7mm cuts for fries (I think people who think this can’t do fries are missing that it has pop up blades for this.) I’m very satisfied as I bought this for hard veggies and cheeses.The negative. If you don’t clean the blade, food gets stuck, if food is stuck on the blade, it doesn’t cut well. It’s plenty sharp unless it’s dirty or something is on it/blocking it. To push a carrot through it doesn’t take any more strength than grating a carrot, but I think some people expect this to be like cutting butter. You have to push firmly down on the safety grip and push it through the cutting mechanism. If you don’t actually put some force behind it, it’s not going to do it’s job. A little force behind your hands is importnat sometimes, especially on thick cuts. If the item you are trying to cut is shorter than the safety guide can hold, it won’t be able to be fed through with the safety guide.I’m very happy with this product and I will recommend it to friends. Buy the product if you know it’s limitations and it’s a good fit. Otherwise don’t buy and and don’t write bad reviews which skew the usefulness of this product.

  3. Sandy "GoPlay44"
    Sandy "GoPlay44" says:

    Mandolin Slicer Excellent product; very sharp slicing blade; quality product for the price. It sliced a cucumber so smoothly, there was no drag when the thick skin met the blade. Exactly what I wanted and expected. Thanks!

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