3 thoughts on “Unlocked quadband dual sim Android 2.3 OS, Smart Phone 4.0″ Touch Screen (black)

  1. T.W

    Great Phone! This is a fairly decent phone for its price.I bought this after I ended up returning a few for technical and quality issues.This one has none.Set up was a breeze. Conecting to Tmobile was simple.The network works fine.The apps are great,I have downloaded most of my favorite ones.Overall a great phone for an extremely reasonable price.I would recommend this to anyone who wants a decent Android phone and save substantial money.

  2. Qutub Siddiqui
    Qutub Siddiqui says:

    Network Issue Its very hard to receive a call, there is always issue with network. Just wondering if this phone can be return or replaced. Now it is also available on another site with only $53.99.

  3. D. Gantt

    Not Recommended The phone looks good BUT the in-call volume is super low no one can hear me, the touch screen freezes, the battery lasts an hour if you run any app, and the text is in Chinese.

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