17 thoughts on “Learning to be a Court Reporter?!

  1. derangedlemur
    derangedlemur says:

    Looks more like a difference engine of some sort than a typewriter.

  2. derangedlemur
    derangedlemur says:

    I would guess that between the book keeping and the contents of the cupboards that they are learning to be dispensing chemists rather than court reporters.

  3. derangedlemur
    derangedlemur says:

    It might be a Remington typewriter: 2.bp.blogspot.com/-BOXZ5bxBMD8/TdUSJA6OqqI/AAAAAAAADEY/p7…

  4. National Library of Ireland on The Commons
    National Library of Ireland on The Commons says:

    This just in! Over at a wedding in Kilkenny, 15 of 16 people just got named! Ringing the Flickr Bell so hard that the clappers shot out of it and nearly brained a colleague…

  5. swordscookie more off than on
    swordscookie more off than on says:

    It might be a telegraph machine and the boys were taking down morse code messages? No? Well it might be. Up to quite recently Marconi provided the radio officers for most merchant shipping throughout the world and it was a very much sought after job. Morse was the basic language and the morse signal was more reliable than voice so up to the late ’60’s the radio colleges in Dublin and Limerick were using morse machines and the students could send and receive phenomenal speeds.

  6. ccferrie

    Unusual seating configuration – looks like it’s set up for demonstrations within each "horseshoe" arrangement.

  7. ccferrie

    The glass cabinet is designed to be seen (and probably accessed) from both sides – looks like two interconnecting classrooms/laboratories.

  8. derangedlemur
    derangedlemur says:

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/77199267@N03] It’s a classroom rather than a lab; none of the benches are flat.The cabinet looks as though it’s mirror backed so I don’t think it’s meant to be seen from the other side.

    Edit: Looking at the door, It looks as if it opens into a corridor rather than into another room.

  9. Salty Windows
    Salty Windows says:

    Looks very like a mechanical adding machine! I We had one at work when I started first!
    Footnote: It was a bit of a shock to see it still in action when calculators were becoming common. Tough job convincing the boss to invest in one!

  10. Robinson_Luzo
    Robinson_Luzo says:

    The blackboard says Clock…something and various prices, quite large in fact, are written down. This looks more like accountancy or bookkeeping than anything else given the amounts.

  11. guliolopez

    As much as I like [http://www.flickr.com/photos/swordscookie]’s idea that they are learning telegraphy/morse, the blackboard at the back right seems to say "Book Keeping" at the top, and has two sections "Assets" and "Liabilities". I can’t make out each line/entry, but the stuff to the right looks very much like entries in pounds, shillings and pence.

    So, I would guess that [http://www.flickr.com/photos/8468254@N02] was right with his first guess. The boy in the middle is using an adding machine. And the rest are just using plain ol’ pencil and paper.

  12. guliolopez

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/99002941@N08] Overlapped with your comment by 70 seconds. I don’t think it says "clock". I think it says "book keeping". And there are two sections underneath (alongside the large amounts that are written down in £s Ss ds). One seems to be labelled "Assets", and I am guessing the other one says "Liabilities" (but seems to stack up).

  13. Robinson_Luzo
    Robinson_Luzo says:

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/20727502@N00] The adding machine makes sense, the pile of papers to his right are probably what he is adding etc.

  14. Robinson_Luzo
    Robinson_Luzo says:

    Might be of interest, some old photos of Waterford – http://www.facebook.com/waterfordcountymuseum

  15. hockadilly

    I was going to say earlier before I was called away, that it didn’t seem big enough to be a typewriter – I agree with the others who say adding machine. Here’s one from 1895: http://www.officemuseum.com/IMagesWWW/1895_Adding_Machine_Invent...

  16. Niall McAuley
    Niall McAuley says:

    The school is (and was) here: Streetview

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