Lightning Reaction Electric Shock Game

Lightning Reaction Electric Shock Game

Lightning Reaction Reloaded is a fantastic Russian roulette style electric shock game. Press the button and wait for the sound to stop and the trigger light to change from red to green. Just make sure you aren’t the last to press your trigger or you’ll get a shock! If you switch to Lightning Reaction Extreme, the fastest person to press the trigger will not get shocked…but everyone else will! Whether you are playing with 2 people or 4, this electric shock game is the ultimate party accessory and the ideal game to play with friends when you want a night in. A fantastic novelty gift for Christmas orBirthdays, you can even change the shock level from mild to extreme, depending on what a complete and utter wet girls blouse you are.

Product Features

  • This shocking game puts a jolt in your party
  • Lightning Reaction Reloaded lets users pick the shock intensity
  • Select the number of challengers, then press the start button to bring on the lights and sound
  • When the sound stops and the light goes from RED to GREEN, press the button – fast
  • Perfect group party game!

3 thoughts on “Lightning Reaction Electric Shock Game

  1. wilbur

    Hilarious and fun This game is fun for all ages. You hit the button on your handle when the light changes from red to green. Last person to hit the button gets shocked! I like that you can control the shock on the new model. There four shock levels. Level 1 is for beginners and for people that hate electric shock; anybody will quickly get used to it and will ask to rev it up. Level 2 has a little bit bigger initial shock but isn’t much worse than 1. Level 3 is, again, a slightly bigger initial shock, but still, not bad. Levels 1-3 don’t actually hurt at all they just scare you with the initial shock. Level 4 (the level from hell) is NOTHING LIKE the other levels. It is about 20 times as powerful as level 3 AND IT HURTS! HURTS! HURTS! The initial shock will make a beginner SCREAM and a non-beginner wretch and grind their teeth with pain. The initial jolt on level 4 can’t be described it words it scares you so much.There is two modes. The first mode will shock the last person to hit the button. The second (extreme) mode will shock EVERYBODY except the first person to hit the button. It’s fun to secretly switch to that mode and watch three people scream!The product isn’t all that well built. The handles feel a little cheezy and sometimes handles will zap late or not at all.Do I recommend this? By all means. It will provide hours of fun and laughter. Don’t hit your button before the light turns green or you get zapped! BE CAREFUL ON LEVEL 4!!!

  2. paula.c

    “Reloaded” not the same We had purchased a Lightening Shock Reaction ‘Revenge’ game about two years ago. This previous version gave you options for playing. ‘Reloaded’ only has one play mode. For instance(the 1st one we bought), each person could secretly choose, by a switch beneath their handle on the base, to decide which of the other 3 opponents would get zapped if they won(this is where revenge comes in!!!). Other play modes were, all three but the fastest gets shocked or slowest gets shocked. When I purchased it this time, I assumed all Lightening Shock games were the same. My bad. With the ‘Reloaded’game, slowest gets shocked and you can turn up the ‘juice’. I thought I was buying the original version so I was a little disappointed with the ‘Reloaded’ game. It gets a little boring after a while—unless of course you are drinking. It’s good for a giggle and it is HILARIOUS to watch 1st timers. I have searched the web, however not terribly hard, looking for the original version we purchased. I haven’t been able to find it. What I found is that you can buy each of the latter play modes I described above…quickest on the draw or slowest. But they are two separate games!!! To the makers of this game—BRING THE OLD ONE BACK!!!! ‘Reloaded’ is not as much fun. The ratings above may have been better if I had never played the 1st game version. As far as educational value, I guess if you want to teach you kids a lesson…(just kidding). Most likely they are quicker on the draw than you and you would be the one getting ‘schooled’. And lastly, durability—YOU better be durable to play this game!! have fun!

  3. Jennifer

    Eerie good fun I got this for my bother for Christmas and it was a big hit with the whole family. It plays creepy music which adds to the uneasy feeling that someone will soon be shocked, there is also an EXTREME ode where everyone but one person get’s shocked. It would make a fun drinking game, probably not such a fun toy for kids.

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