“””””””Watt’s Up” RC Watt Meter & Power Analyzer WU100 Version 2″”””””

Measures energy (Wh), charge (Ah), power (W), current (A) and voltage (V) for any rechargeable battery pack from 4 – 60V, including NiCd, NiMH , and SLA, and Li-Ion battery packsConnector to use a receiver battery for measurement down to 0 VCaptures current peaks and voltage minimums(droops)Accurate & precise – 0.01 A current and 0.01 V voltage resolutionsRugged – handles 50 A continuous and 100 A peak at 60 V 14 ga., 7 x 37 stranded, high temp silicone rubber insulated wire without connectorsSmall & Light2.8″ long x 1.7″ wide x 0.83″ thick (70 mm x 44 mm x 21 mm), 2.5 oz.Acts like a wire so doesn’t affect model’s performance. Precision current sensing resistor, with only 0.001 Ohm resistance and circuitry only draws 0.007 AmpsUses DSP to increase ADC resolution and differential measurement amplifiers to increase noise immunity Factory calibration stores constants in EEPROM to compensate for component tolerancesOne Year WarrantyComplete User ManualSpecifications:Voltage 0-60 V, resolution 0.01 V. That’s a 14 cell series li-poly pack!Current 0-100 A peak, 50 A continuous, resolution 0.01 ACharge 0-65 Ah, resolution 0.001 Ah. That’s ~32 Amps for two hours!Power 0-6500 W, resolution 0.1 W. That’s ~8.7 Horsepower!Energy 0-6500 Wh, resolution 0.1 Wh. That’s lifting a 50 pound model into outer space (65 mi.)!Operates from 4.0-60 V, 0 V with optional receiver battery pack16 x 2 STN LCD displayPowerful, 8 MIPS micro-controllerColorElectric blueApplications:Specially designed for RC Battery Packs to help you Set speed control cutoff voltages and currentsTune performance by comparing different setups of pro-peller, motor, gearing, speed control and batteryMeasures a full battery chargeCheck when peak currents are safe for battery, speed control, motor, wiring and connectorsPredict airplane flight time based on ACTUAL conditions in your modelCheck battery capacity and health and whether battery should be retiredVerify that the minimum voltage under load is within specificationsCheck for wiring and connector power losses.Fine-tuning your electric RC cars & planes for great performance doesn’t have to be a guessing gameMeasure power and energy consumption of ANY device with a rechargeable battery pack, such as RC car battery pack, Bike lighting battery pack,E-bike and Scooter battery packCombine the power analyzer together with our 2.4V – 7.2V, 7.2V – 12V, 24V NiMH universal smart chargers , and with 3.6V – 14.8V Li-Ion battery charger It is perfect tool to monitor battery pack’s performanceNoteIn order to measure the capacity of battery pack in charging condition, the battery pack must be discharged fully before measuring. For the battery pack stored for longer time, you need 3 – 5 cycle’s charging and discharging to get full capacity.We don’t suggest you use the meter to judge battery nominal capacity, because usually nomimal capacity is measured by IEC standard at 0.1C charging and discharging current.

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