I9220(N9000) 5.0″ Capacitive Android 4.0 Dual SIM Smart Phone With 8GB ROM

I9220(N9000) 5.0″ Capacitive Android 4.0 Dual SIM Smart Phone With 8GB ROM

Main Features
Type: Smart phone
Color: WHITE
OS: Android 4.0
CPU: Media Tek MTK6515 1GHz
RAM: 512MB
Battery: 2800mAh Li-ion
Capacitive touch (3-point) screen
Network frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Dual SIM, Dual standby
Dual cameras (the back one with flash light)
Wireless internet
Gravity sensing system
FM/MP3/MP4/Bluetooth function supported
Network type: GSM
Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
WIFI: 802.11b/g wireless internet
Bluetooth A2DP
Screen Information
Screen type: Capacitive (3-point)
Screen size: 5.0 inch
Screen resolution: 800 x 480 (WVGA)
2 x SIM Slot
TF card slot
Micro USB host
3.5mm audio out port
Back camera: 2MP (with flash light)
Front camera: 2MP
Video recording: Yes
Internal memory: 127MB
External memory: TF card up to 32GB (not included)
Supported Media Formats
Picture format: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG
Video format: 3GP, MP4, AVI
Music format: AAC, AMR, MP3, OGG, WAV
MS Office format: Word, Excel, PPT
E-book format: TXT
Live wallpaper support: Yes
Games: Android APK and Java
English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Italian (Note: If you need any specific language other than English, you must leave us a message when you checkout)
Product size (L x W x H): 149 x 78 x 10 mm
Package size (L x W x H): 170 x 100 x 55 mm
Product weight: 193 g
Package weight: 0.5 kg
Additional Features
Wi-Fi, FM, Bluetooth, Browser, MP3, MP4, MMS, Alarm, Calendar, Calculator…
Package Contents
1 x Smart Phone
2 x Battery
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Earphones
1 x USB Cable
1 x Phone Case
1 x English Manual
Product Notes:
This Android device is designed to function specifically with the current Android OS installed on it. Any alterations such as upgrades,
modding with custom ROMs, rooting or flashing the Android device with other firmware will automatically void the device’s warranty.

Product Features

  • Wi-Fi, Analog TV, FM, Bluetooth, Browser,AT&T,T-MOBILE COMPATABILE
  • MP3, MP4, MMS, Alarm, Calendar, Calculator

2 thoughts on “I9220(N9000) 5.0″ Capacitive Android 4.0 Dual SIM Smart Phone With 8GB ROM

  1. Prize Udo

    Read THIS BEFORE YOU BUY! If you plan to purchase this phone, I suggest using NEWISLAND “satisfactory” customer service, as far as overseas customer service is involved. Please don’t expect to be catered to as if you are dealing with 5-star hotel chain, its just not possible when dealing with a foreign shipper and manufacturer. So you have been cautioned. Be open minded, non-hostile if a problem arises, and you should be fine.Now to the Phone:This is the second Clone Note that I have bought in the past 2 months. The first model was the (n8000), it ran on the newer Jelly Bean Os. As far as performance is concerned to the average smart phone user it was great. One draw back to the phone however was the speaker quality. Even with the volume turned up, it was a challenge to hear. The back of the phone is a very flimsy plastic, most sellers will send it with a back cover to compensate. It is adequate for a “short” period of time. I did end up returning the phone because of one HUGE problem. I used Straight talk as my provider, and when I inserted the sim it worked in a matter of minutes. When I placed my second call though, the screen BLACKED OUT! Not only did it black out but I wasn’t able to end the call, press anything on the screen, or even turn the phone off! Why did it happen? Your guess is as good as mine, but for that reason the phone went back. ( I did not purchase it from NEWISLAND)I was not willing to give up that easy so I tried it again only this time with a different model, the Star I9220.This phone runs on Icecream Sandwich, and Straight Talk DOES NOT OFFER a Android update as of now. The phone had very similar features to the N8000 model, both run smoothly and are built pretty much the same in terms of quality. The screen is smaller than the SAMSUNG NOTE II, and the buttons are also in different places, so don’t think you can buy Samsung products for this phone, no Samsung case will fit it. This phone was almost about to meet the same fate as the N8000 model because the SAME SCREEN problem existed after the second call!!!!!’I was so disappointed, but I thought ” let me play with it for awhile maybe the problem is with me”. Well after trying to place 20 more calls the same issue kept occuring. I allowed the phone to charge the entire night and woke up the next day to play with it some more not expecting any change. The same thing kept happening the screen would now flicker to where it was normal and then off again. After some negotioation with the seller, who later agreed to refund my money, the phone miraculously began working properly!The point is that nothing works out perfectly the first time, and generric phones are No exception. You will hear some horror stories about them, but then again don’t we hear bad experiences from just about any and everything?Phone Specs:The front camera…well it has a 0.3 resolution meaning its bad…really bad. You definitely need a room flooded with lights to get any type of use out of it.The back camera is decent, picture quality is as good as any comparable smart phone out there. The flash is a bit weak, but again with the right lighting it is a good camera.The call quality… is very good. I used my blackberry 9850 to phone a friend, (yes blackberry) and then called on the STAR, he said he couldn’t tell the difference. The speaker quality is fair, not as good as higher end phones, but definitely not the worst either.The fluidness of the phone is GREAT! Google Play is already installed and there isn’t a lot of other junk that is pre-installed on phones from big providers. In this department you won’t miss a beat. Don’t worry about compatibility issues as if American apps need special formatting to work with a Chinese phone, remember software is universal so in this case ANDROID apps, Java, HTML, or whatever program you’re concerned about is covered. If not root your phone and work it out.It uses CDMA and GSM sims and is capable of 3G speed. It doesn’t support 4G so if your provider is charging you for 4G, get a phone that can support it because THIS ONE DOES NOT SUPPORT 4G.Ear phone plug is weird, it doesn’t fit regular male ends that are like 3.5mm I think. This one is definitely does not receive a 3.5mm plug. So beware of that especially if you are like me and need/want your phone to play music in the car!T-moblie, Straight Talk, Cricket, and Boost work with this phone. T-mobile doesn’t function that well with the phone. The sim I have it in from T-mobile doesn’t support video chat, why? I don’t know that one either. But all other calling features are seamless.I hope this review helps, for the price and features this phone is a good buy. Don’t expect 5-star customer service from any manufacturer overseas, they are doing the best they can…I think. And be prepared to wait to get your phone. You may be able to…

  2. Omar M.

    Great Android device!!! This cell phone is amazing. Its just like the galaxy note. Works excellent the apps and my friends around also were amazed because the great quality and of course the price. I Highly recomend it to all amazon customers.

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