Gadget Guard Screen Protector for iPhone 5 – 1 Pack – Retail Packaging – Clear

Gadget Guard Screen Protector for iPhone 5 – 1 Pack – Retail Packaging – Clear

Protect your Apple iPhone 5 with an Invisible Gadget Guard clear protective film. They’re totally clear, don’t peel or discolor and can be removed without leaving a trace. They fit flawlessly and are proven to keep devices scratch-free. Our patented film was created for the U.S. Military and stands up to abuse generally reserved for combat equipment. This level of protection and quality cannot be matched by cheap imitators.

Product Features

  • Custom Designed and Manufactured for the Apple iPhone 5 (all carriers) in the U.S.A.
  • Made from film used to protect U.S. Military equipment.
  • Crystal clear surface with UV protection to prevent film yellowing.

2 thoughts on “Gadget Guard Screen Protector for iPhone 5 – 1 Pack – Retail Packaging – Clear

  1. J. S. Harris

    Hard to install, $5 replacement ‘Free replacement’ guarantee is $4.95 shipping and handling – in other words, you have to buy it again, you just get it at wholesale the second time around.It fit my iPhone 5 just fine, so fit isn’t an issue. It’s difficult to install and have it still look nice. Plain water doesn’t work well. If you get this product, plan to use a little soap in the water and expect to mess it up at least once. If the place you got your iPhone will install it for you and give you a true free replacement, I’d try that and skip ordering it from anyplace online and risk throwing away another $5+ … after all, you never know just how many times it might take you to get it right!I have used their product on an iPhone 4 and it worked great. No scratches and any ‘dents’ smoothed out again. I had the retail store install it and they did give free replacements. They guy there did these all the time and he still had to be very careful and messed up the first one he put on for me.So, 1 star for self-install, 4-5 stars for having someone else do it for you.

  2. Marsha

    Gadget Guard Screen Didn’t live up to my expectations. Didn’t go on smoothly, so had to end up throwing it away. In addition it was way to thick and changed the feel of the phone. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.

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