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    Inspector Gadget: The Original Series a Testimonial to Total AWESOMENESS! I was an adult when Inspector Gadget: The Original Series first appeared on the air and I loved the show from the start! I am autistic, I loved plain old animated TV stuff long after most older folk have moved on. I just liked Gadget because, he was different and trying to do good for others in the world despite it all. I like anyone who is different struggling to meet the life’s challenges as they come with a smile and an indomitable spirit hence Gadget proved to be my kind of people :).Gadget was also fun because, he was a technical person but kind of scatter brained like me. Gadget was misunderstood by most people and had only a few close but good friends making him very easy for me to like. Gadget had a good heart always filled with love and hope despite it all and that means something awesome in my book too. Maybe caring about things on TV is an autistic thing if so I do like such nice gentle themed television shows an aweful lot! For me good characters on TV shows are like pleasant friends you visit with for a time. I am not good at the complexity of real social skills so I watch lots of TV study the characters to see what makes them good.Watching Inspector Gadget: The Original Series is fun, because he brings back so many good memories that are not filled with mean inhumanity or confusion. Buy Inspector Gadget: The Original Series and let him bring back some good memories for you or make some new awesome memories for members of your family.

  2. wile_e2005

    The Original Gadget, but on a better DVD this time! Updated a bit as of 2012, originally written April 2006I was glad I got this DVD set. It was a big improvement over the cheap Sterling/UAV Gadget DVDs “The Gadget Files” and “Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas.” The first 22 episodes are there, including the original pilot, with Gadget’s mustache! Like I did with the Sterling DVDs, it’s time to give it my “Gadget Factors…”PROSThe original episodes are there, of course.There is some cool special features, such as the interview with the show’s creators and the original art gallery!The pilot has its original dialogue (since reruns of this episode had badly-recorded voiceovers explaining Gadget’s mustache was a fake.) Plus, the pilot episode has its original opening and closing titles, featuring Gadget’s mustache throughout them!CONSThere’s some noticable DVNR on some episodes.A few episodes like “Monster Lake,” “Down on the Farm,” “The Boat” and “The Haunted Castle” are time-compressed.And of course, like the other Gadget DVDs, there’s the following edits…EDITSThe title of an episode is electronically added at the start of most episodes during the beginning of the first scene. When these cartoons originally aired, including their Nickelodeon reruns, they had no episode titles! This probably wasn’t really needed.The original DiC logo featuring Inspector Gadget dotting the “i” was cut. It was replaced with the “Incredible World of DiC” logo on most episodes, though two of the episodes have the famous 1990s “Kid in Bed” DiC logo tacked onto it. This was somewhat unnecessary. However, the original late-70s/early-80s LBS logo is intact on all episodes, which you might remember if you saw this show on Nickelodeon back in the 90s.I have been waiting for quite some time ever since I got my “Gadget Files” DVD for a company to release a box set of Gadget episodes, and it’s finally happened!All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend it to those who are big fans of the show, or those who are dying to see this classic cartoon again!

  3. Andy. Gillum

    Not as good as I remembered You really have to embrace the kid in you to enjoy this wacky series. I had to be in the mood to watch these before I could get into them, something I normally don’t have to do with cartoons from my childhood. So yes, these have aged. That said, they’re STILL better than %99 of the trash on TV today & deserves to have the rest of the episodes on DVD. The cartoons in this set are: Disc One#01. Winter Olympics (1982 pilot, AKA Gadget In Winterland)#02. Monster Lake#03. Down On the Farm#04. Gadget at the Circus#05. The Amazon Disc Two#06. Health Spa#07. The Boat#08. Haunted Castle#09. Race To the Finish#10. The Ruby#11. A Star Is Lost Disc Three#12. All That Glitters#13. Movie Set#14. Amusement Park#15. Art Heist#16. Volcano Island#17. The Invasion Disc Four#18. The Infiltration#19. The Curse of the Pharaoh#20. M.A.D. Trap#21. Basic Training#22. Sleeping Gas

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