Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch

Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch

The ultimate spy technology – on your wrist This amazing gadget features world time, secret spy communication tools, a motion alarm and a decoder screen, all protected by locking armor Everything you need for any mission

Product Features

  • 8 high-tech functions in one
  • Includes 1 ultimate spy watch, 2 message capsules and spy paper
  • Scan the QR code on the package with your smartphone to access top-secret intel about Spy Gear

2 thoughts on “Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch

  1. apoem "apoem"
    apoem "apoem" says:

    what fun! My 8 year old loves it. This is just a fun toy to play with when your 8 years old.I don’t know how educational it is, except it tells time and you have to have some amount of memory capabilities in order to remember how to press teh buttons and make it do what you want it to do.My eight year old has recently been interested in spies, spying on others, being sneaky. With this in mind he got this watch from Grandma for his birthday.It tells the time, there is a little cover that pops up and down on it, and there are buttons to push that make this watch do other sneaky things. This watch has been put in my son’s ‘spy bag’ which is any backpack he has on hand. It has been stuffed to the bottom of this bag and it has not broken yet. It has also been slept on, slept in, and dropped behind the bed. It has been inside and outside. This is a big hit and it has been very sturdy.Enjoy.

  2. Mrlobsterbob

    Spy Watch I purchased this item to go along with other spy gear purchased for christmas. It has many features including world clock. This hasn’t been used quite as much as the Voice Changer but it does still get used.Pretty durable and overall easy to use.

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