2 thoughts on “Yugioh! Green gadget, Yellow gadget, red gadget common. [Toy]

  1. Hunterinabox

    Good if you know how to use it. So gadgets are basically for two different strategies. Always having a monster out on the field, and for a combo with Ultimate Offering to summon a high level monster. Take the ultimate offering, use their effects to create a “Gadget Chain” and use it to summon something big. Using this strategy I’ve had both Obelisk and Ancient Gear Golem on the field. Granted it costed me 3000 life points but the pay off is worth it.

  2. YugiYahmer

    A fad with fast delivery I got my gadgets a day early, came in a cool little clear slip this is great to buy if you lost one of your gadgets or if you are using a strategy of many special summons.. 5/5

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