Perfect Solutions Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Perfect Solutions Golf Ball Finder Glasses

These remarkable ball spotter glasses are designed with special tinted lenses that filter out foliage and grass so your white golf balls actually seem to glow against trees, rough or fairway—for instant visual pickup. Reduces lost ball count. Saves money. Fits over most prescription eyewear. Includes zippered nylon carry case with bag clip.

Product Features

  • Makes ball spotting easier
  • Special lenses block out grass and foliage?so lost balls actually appear bright against the background
  • Reduces ball loss; saves money
  • Fits over most prescription eyewear
  • Complete with carry case

3 thoughts on “Perfect Solutions Golf Ball Finder Glasses

  1. George Dunham
    George Dunham says:

    Finding the Lost Ball I was first exposed to these glasses while golfing with a friend. He was able to quickly find an errant ball in the high grass fairway rough for me. After investigating the market and price range of the many products available, I selected this pair of glasses based on price and versatility. They have a replaceable lens for general sun protection conditions which eliminates the need for an additional pair of dark glasses in the golf bag.I have used these glasses for about a month. They have worked very well to help find the potentially lost ball. The one drawback with the blue lens used for finding a ball is the illumination some types of vegetation. If there are a lot of light colored leaves in the area, these are illuminated as well as the golf ball which makes it more difficult to find the ball. In general, the ball appears to glow when viewed through the blue lens. Thanks to these glasses, I find more balls than I loose on a round. I have recommended them to my golfing partners.

  2. Happy Customer
    Happy Customer says:

    Work well The product works well. I’ve found that the biggest way they help is in finding a somewhat hidden golf ball in the rough much quicker. I would have probably found them eventually, but the glasses helped to pick them up much quicker.

  3. vikki

    they really work I had bought these for my Husband for Father’s day, more as a joke than expecting them to really work. My husband tried them out and ….they really work…love them

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