Belkin Car Charger with 8-Pin Lightning Cable Connector to USB Cable for Apple iPhone 5, iPad (4th Gen), iPad mini, iPod Touch (5th Gen), and iPod nano (7th Gen) (2.1) AMP/10 Watt)

Belkin Car Charger with 8-Pin Lightning Cable Connector to USB Cable for Apple iPhone 5, iPad (4th Gen), iPad mini, iPod Touch (5th Gen), and iPod nano (7th Gen) (2.1) AMP/10 Watt)

Small but Powerful Charge your iPhone 5 on the road with the Belkin Car Charger with included Lightning to USB cable. Get unlimited play and standby time with the low-profile design that sits flush in your dash. Charge at the Speed of Lightning Use the Car Charger with the included 4-foot Lightning to USB cable to charge your iPhone 5, iPad with Retina Display (4th generation), or iPad mini at the fastest possible speed. The smaller, more durable Lightning connector is also reversible, which makes plugging it in easier than ever. USB Port with Separate Lightning to USB Cable The USB Port is universal, so you can still charge your legacy Apple devices with a 30-pin cable or other devices that use a Micro-USB cable. And the included 4-foot Lightning to USB cable can be used anywhere-plug it into your laptop to charge and sync, or use your own wall charger to charge from the wall. Great as a replacement cable or if you simply need an extra. Compatibility Information The Belkin Car Charger + Lightning ChargeSync cable (2.1 Amp) is compatible with iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation) and iPod nano (7th generation). The car charger alone is also compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPod touch (5th generation and earlier); iPod nano (6th generation and earlier) and iPod Classic, as well as other tablets and smartphones, when using their compatible 30-Pin or Micro-USB device cables (not included) Depending on the type of case you have, you may need to remove your case before charging. If your speakers, Lightning connector and AUX port are fully exposed when your case is on, you should be able to easily charge your iPhone without removing the case.  

Product Features

  • Ultra-compact  
  • Plugs into any car power outlet  
  • 10 Watts/2.1 Amp  
  • Includes separate 4 foot Lightning to USB cable  
  • Powered USB port  

3 thoughts on “Belkin Car Charger with 8-Pin Lightning Cable Connector to USB Cable for Apple iPhone 5, iPad (4th Gen), iPad mini, iPod Touch (5th Gen), and iPod nano (7th Gen) (2.1) AMP/10 Watt)

  1. M. Merchut

    The best combo of features I found Even without any reviews here, this one fits the bill for me. After reviewing various Lightning chargers from Griffin, Kensington, and Belkin, I chose this one for a some key reasons.- 2.1 AMP OUTPUT: This ensures I have the maximum electrical output available. FYI: 2.1 amps multiplied by 5 Volts DC = 10.5 watts, but labels will only show 10 watts- COMPACT SIZE: This fits in a vehicle 12 volt socket well and protrudes only enough to get a good grip to pull it out with your fingers. Some products were unnecessarily long or bulky; I prefer simple.- REMOVABLE USB CORD: Instead of a hardwired connection, I have the versatility to swap out the Lightning cord with a USB to micro USB cord for my wife’s phone or the USB to Apple 30-pin connector for the iPad. If you find nothing but the Apple OEM size of lightning connections fits with your phone case, you can buy this same item without the cord for less $ and use your own cord. Search: F8J051ttWHT (color white) or F8J051ttBLK (color black)- NO RING OF LIGHT: So many reviewers of products complained about the light ring feature being a distraction. This model features a simple round green LED light that is not much brighter than the console button lights in my car. I ended up twisting the light to the 3 o’clock position where the USB connector blocks my direct line-of sight to it. If I wanted to, a small piece of black electrical tape would cover the LED completely and easily since it is away from the USB connection. This is the 1 feature I valued to prefer it over the Belkin # F8J090bt04-BLK, which has the same power output and small form factor.Is it cheap, no. But would I rather spend less and give up some these features…….no. I would have bought the version of this product less the 4′ cord if a good coiled cord were available(I didn’t like the Griffin coiled cord). Thanks for reading!

  2. S. Singh "Gadget Geek"
    S. Singh "Gadget Geek" says:

    Well-designed, compact, powerful charger sits flush with dash and charges quickly! The iPhone wall outlet chargers are super-quick at charging. I have gone from 30% to 90% in about an hour. You get used to that kind of speed charging and this 2.1 AMP car charger give you exactly that! Initially, I scoffed at the price for these high AMP chargers and bought a 1 AMP car charger. Since my ride to work in less than 20 minutes, I would probably get 10% more charge off the 1 AMP charger, but with this 2.1 AMP charger, I manage to juice up about 25%. The really cool part of this charger is that I can pull out the USB cable and continue charging my phone via my laptop USB port.The charger is well-designed and has a robust construction – Apple worthy! The charger sits flush with my power outlet with just enough of it popping out to get an easy grip for removal. The charger does not have any edges, it blends well into the dash with only the distinctive green bezel being highlighted – adds a little color to my drab dash. I also love the new low-profile negative (outer) terminal design. No more accidental snagging and ripping the terminal out of the charger. It also helps with a smoother insertion and removal from the power outlet.The lightning connector is well designed and fits most cases without any issue (check images above)Pros:* Solid feel to the product. Well built and sturdy parts – charger, cable and lightning connector* Included USB Lightning cable* Slim profile charger that sits flush and does not get in the way* Fast charging – almost as fast as a wall outlet charger. Approx 2.5 hours for a full charge* Well designed lightning connector fits most cases without any issueCons:* Pricey at $35 – but not too expensive at current market rates for a 2.1 AMP charger with a reliable, detachable Lightning cable* The charger has a Green LED that remains on when the charger is connected. It seems inefficient to power the gremlins. I have old USB car chargers that turn-off when a device is not plugged in, light up Red when charging and Green when fully charged – I paid less than $10 for those chargers* For a car, I prefer a coiled cable like this one, just keeps things compact –

  3. Mrs. Susan Levy
    Mrs. Susan Levy says:

    good quality Have always had car chargers for phones. Very important since iphone 5 battery runs down rather quickly. Much better than many other car chargers.

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