ASUS MeMOPad HD 7-Inch 16 GB Tablet, Blue (ME173X-A1-BL)

ASUS MeMOPad HD 7-Inch 16 GB Tablet, Blue (ME173X-A1-BL)

Memo Pad HD 7 – Blue (ME173X-A1-BL); Blue; Touch Screen 7″ WXGA(1280*800), LED Backlight IPS panel; MediaTek MT8125 (1.2Ghz) Quad-core; MediaTek MT8125; 1GB DDR3; SGX544; 16GB Flash; No Optical Drive; Android Jellybean 4.2; 802.11BGN; Webcams: 1.2MP Front & 5MP Rear; Bluetooth 4.0; No keyboard (tablet); 1x Head phone / Mic-in; 1x Micro USB; Micro SD; 15Wh, 3950mAh, non-removable polymer battery (10 hours); 1 Year North America Warranty

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 HD Tablet

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HD Entertainment, Exceptional Value

Sometimes, the greatest things do come in smaller packages. The all-new ASUS MeMO Pad™ HD 7 will make you wonder how we packed so much tablet power into such an incredibly light and compact design.

Brilliant HD Display

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Brilliant HD Display

Whether you’re outside or upside down, everything looks better on the MeMO Pad™ HD 7 with its brilliant 1280 x 800 resolution (216 pixels per inch) HD IPS Display with 170-degree wide viewing angles. Text looks sharper, colors are more vivid, and games stand out with more realism.

Premium Performance

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Premium Performance

Armed with a powerful quad-core processor and featuring a responsive 10-point multi-touch panel, the MeMO Pad™ HD 7 offers a premium tablet experience at a price that won’t put a dent in your wallet. You’ll find an increase in productivity, smoother running games, and quicker app load times.

Stay Entertained, Anywhere

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Stay Entertained, Anywhere

In addition to offering a long battery life of up to 10 hours for all day entertainment, the MeMO Pad™ HD 7 is also incredibly light weighing only 0.66 pounds, which means it can be taken along wherever the adventure may be. Pair that along with complimentary 16GB of cloud storage for 1-year with ASUS Webstorage2, you’ll always have your favorite files updated and at your side.

Camera for Every Occasion

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Camera for Every Occasion

The MeMO Pad™ HD 7 features a best in class 5MP autofocus rear camera with 100-picture continuous burst shooting and 1080P video recording so you can make certain you capture all those can’t miss moments in life with as much detail as possible. And with a 1.2MP front camera, you will be able to video chat to your heart’s content.

Stunning Sound Quality

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Stunning Sound Quality

Don’t be surprised if “stunning” is the first word that comes to mind when you listen to the MeMO Pad HD™ 7. With high quality dual stereo speakers featuring exclusive ASUS SonicMaster™ technology, expect sounds from a quiet whisper to a rock anthem come to life in clarity never before heard on a tablet.

Unleash Your Inner Creativity

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Unleash Your Inner Creativity

Showing off your creative side is easier than ever with the ASUS MeMO Pad™ HD 7:

MyPainter: Demonstrate your artistic skills and share your creations with your friends

ASUS Studio: Managing your photos is a cinch and a whole lot more enjoyable

SuperNote Lite: Who thought note taking could be fun? Read, type, write, or draw like never before


  • Operating System: Android JellyBean 4.2
  • Display: 7″ LED Backlight WXGA 216PPI (1280 x 800) Screen IPS Panel
  • Processor: Quad-Core 1.2 GHz
  • Memory: 1GB DDR3
  • Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n; Bluetooth 4.0
  • Storage: 16GB + 16GB of 1-year ASUS cloud WebStorage2
  • Camera: Front 1.2MP, Rear 5MP
  • Speakers: Stereo speakers with ASUS SonicMasterTM


  • Supports: GPS, G-Sensor, E-Compass, Hall Sensor and Miracast
  • Card Reader: 1x Micro SD Card Reader Slot
  • Battery: 15Wh Li-polymer battery, 10 hour battery life1
  • Dimensions: 7.75 x 4.75 x .43 (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 0.66 lb
  • Color: Available in White, Blue, Pink and Green
  • Input/ Output:
    • 1 x Audio Jack
    • 1 x Micro USB port

What’s in the Box

  • ASUS MeMO Pad™ HD 7 ME173X Tablet
  • AC Adapter & Power Plug
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • USB Cable

Protect your MeMO Pad™ HD 7 with official ASUS Accessories (sold separately)


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ASUS TransCover
  • Stylish protective case with 2-in-1 functions as both cover and stand
  • Front and back protection that retains the slim and light MeMO Pad™ HD 7 design
  • Flexible folding design and magnets that shift forms for better video watching and comfortable typing
  • Available in four vibrant colors: Light Blue, Light grey, Black, and Pink

Persona Case

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ASUS Persona Cover
  • Tough yet soft snug-fitting polymer case provides complete front and back protection of the MeMO Pad™ HD 7 tablet
  • Flexible non-slip matte texture provides great grip and protection against bumps and scrapes
  • Slim and light folder design means your MeMO Pad™ HD 7 still fits easily in your bag

ASUS- Top 3 Global Consumer Notebook Brand

As the world’s top three consumer notebook brand and maker of the world’s best-selling motherboards, ASUS prides itself by making products that always “START with PEOPLE.” With a persistent approach to innovation, ASUS goes beyond satisfying current consumer needs to surpass expectations and spark the imaginations of people everywhere. ASUS designs and manufactures a diverse range of products as part of our relentless search for incredible, including motherboards, graphics cards, displays, desktop and all-in-one PCs, notebooks, netbooks, networking devices, servers, smartphones and tablets. Driven by innovation and committed to quality, ASUS won 4,168 awards in 2012 and recently received the recognition for the 2013 PC Magazine Reader’s Choice Award.

1. Subject to product model, normal usage conditions and configuration.

2. Complimentary 16GB ASUS WebStorage space for 1 year. Internet connection required

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Product Features

  • 7-Inch Display
  • Quad Core 1.2 GHz
  • 16 GB Flash Memory, 1 GB RAM Memory
  • 10-hour battery life, .67 pounds

3 thoughts on “ASUS MeMOPad HD 7-Inch 16 GB Tablet, Blue (ME173X-A1-BL)

  1. K. Burke

    For the price it’s fantastic So, I’ve been putting off a new tablet purchase for quite awhile. I’ve been suffering with an Acer Iconia Tab A100 for awhile now, and while it was nice when it came out it simply doesn’t cut it anymore. But I am cheap. A year ago, had someone said that I would be able to get a tablet with a quad core 1.2 GHz processor, 16GB internal storage, Cameras, GPS, and micro SD slot with a gorgeous 1280×800 IPS screen, and that it would be running Android 4.2.1 Jellybean – all for $150 – I wouldn’t have believed them. I had known for awhile that at some point prices would come down enough and hardware and software would catch up, and was waiting for the right moment. It came today.Most of the reviews I’ve read on this tablet have essentially said that it’s a solid tablet functionally, but that its construction is weak and it feels cheap. Honestly, I don’t see it. While it doesn’t have the same ultra-solid feel that the high-end (expensive) tablets have, it doesn’t in the least feel cheap to me at all. The back panel, while plastic, doesn’t feel flimsy to me. The screen looks and feels high end to me. There’s alot made about the newer resolutions like the new Nexus 7’s 1920×1200 display, but my eyes can’t really tell the difference in most situations. I will say that if you are planning on using this outside on a sunny day, forget about it – it’s almost impossible to see the screen under direct sunlight. But indoors it is great, and it has great viewing angles as well. Some reviews complained about the button placement but it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. Some reviews also made a big deal about the back panel extruding slightly past the top screen panel, but I don’t feel it’s uncomfortable or in the least bit bad looking. The tablet is fairly light and thin, certainly not a burden to hold in one hand for extended periods.The tab comes with Jellybean 4.2.1 and has a build update that will likely launch as soon as you power on and sign in. Engadget reports that it will get a 4.3 upgrade in the “near future”. The OS is thankfully pretty vanilla, with only a few unobtrusive bloatware apps thrown in. Asus has a skin that IMHO is barely detectable; it’s there if you want to use it but you can pretty much ignore it if you want to. This is a fairly lean implementation of Android and I for one appreciate that.Performance seems to be very good so far in my limited testing. I’ve seen very little lag or stutter, definitely nothing that I find annoying. The screen is very responsive and looks great. The browser (Chrome, I am a Chrome user, and it pays off to be able to sync across devices) seems to run surprisingly fast. I did try a few games on it including Order and Chaos, Shadowgun, Dungeon Hunter 4, Anomaly HD, and Modern Combat 3; all played nearly flawlessly with only the occasional slight stutter, barely noticeable. I’d say this is a perfectly capable gaming tablet, even if not the highest-end, it plays everything I’ve thrown at it so far. I did experience some slightly long loading times with the games but that doesn’t really bother me; waiting an extra 5 seconds to play a level is not a big deal to me. ETA: I just downloaded and played N.O.V.A. 3 on the tab and was surprised at how well it did. I had read that it was nearly unplayable on the MeMo, that is not true. It DID take a very long time to load the first level (a little over 2 minutes), but once loaded it played pretty well. I could notice a little stutter here and there but it’s definitely playable. If it’ll play that then it’ll play anything I am likely to throw at it.Battery life is quite good. With normal usage I can easily go all day long without having to plug it in, and still have some juice left over at the end of the day. I just got done playing Dungeon Hunter 4 for about 4.5 hours and saw battery life was still at 47%. That is pretty amazing. The battery also recharges very quickly, in my experience about 4-5 hours from a dead battery.The camera is adequate. It’s not bad, just nothing to write home about. It works, but it’s not a reason to buy this tablet. Same goes with the forward facing camera – it works, but it’s nothing special. If you want a great camera you should probably be looking at camera reviews, not tablet reviews.I can confirm that the tablet does have its own standalone GPS and does not require a wireless connection to function (although Google Maps and Earth do). Turning off wifi and turning on GPS, I was unable to get a lock indoors, but at my house that has always been a problem (something in the walls or roof); as soon as I walk outside on the balcony GPS Status app tells me I’ve locked to 7 satellites, not bad. With an offline mapping app like Mapdroyd this will work great as a GPS unit in your vehicle.The wifi seems to run very fast. I ran a couple of Speedtest trials on it and consistently got over 22-24 mbps speeds, which for my network is…

  2. M. Erb

    Very nice tablet for the price. Beautiful display. MicroSD for additional storage I’ve been very happy with my Nexus 7. However the Nexus 7 lacked a few important features that the Asus MemoPad HD7 has, such as a MicroSD slot for additional storage and a 5MP rear-facing camera. Asus managed to add those important features, and increase the resolution of the screen while pricing this quite a bit below the cost of the Nexus 7. Of course the newer Nexus 7 now has a rear-facing camera but still no MicroSD slot for easily adding storage.Asus did have to cut some corners but the corners that were cut may not mean much to most people. Perhaps the most significant missing feature is NFC. The case material is not quite as substantial as the Nexus 7 case. It’s a bit more slippery and somewhat more plasticy feeling. Also there is definitely something different about the display surface itself… it feels more like plastic than glass. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not as easy to slide your finger over the Asus MemoPad display as it is on the Nexus 7. Using a stylus largely eliminates that issue and also eliminates fingerprints on the screen.Setup of the MemoPad was easy. I fully charged mine overnight before even turning it on. When I did turn it on, it walked me through the setup process. Only took a couple minutes if that. I added my email accounts, and Google account information and I was up and running in no time.The Asus table includes what some would consider bloatware. It’s not pure Android like the Nexus 7. Asus has created a skin over Android that makes certain things a look and operate a little differently, though not necessarily bad, when compared to pure Android. Play Store is installed so it’s easy to install new apps.I have noticed that the screen does not seem to be quite as responsive to taps as the Nexus 7. I am frequently having to tap a button a second time to get the desired action to happen. Maybe it has more to do with the material that the top of the display is made from (plastic or glass?) but I’m not sure. I also will comment on the case a bit more and mention that the bottom half of the case is not completely flush with the top half of the case. It actually has a lip around the edges that just feels a little unnecessary to me. It’s a little uncomfortable to hold and if you never held a Nexus 7, maybe you wouldn’t even notice.Battery life is great… up to 10 hours. The rear-facing 5MP camera is very nice and I think it takes great pictures. The included camera app gives you some great control over brightness, camera resolution and camera effects and filters that we’ve all become familiar with due to the proliferation of smartphone camera apps (fill light, highlights, saturation, shadows, tint, warmth, vintage, nostalgia, LOMO, grayscale, negative, sepia, vampire, under the sea, night vision goggles). You also can easily change video resolution (1080p, 720p, 480p, CIF and QCIF) and use video effects (like vintage, nostalgia, LOMO, grayscale, negative). I really like the camera app and the control it lets you have.The quality of the built-in speakers may surprise you. It was much better than I was expecting.This is a great value in a 7″ tablet with a beautiful display, expandable memory, nice sound and decent performance.

  3. GQ

    Great for 150, and a few things better than the original Nexus 7 I got my MeMo hd 7 pad yesterday and the boxing was similar the original Nexus 7. Once I open it, I noticed it was lighter, but the screen does look smaller due to the larger bezel. But I am sure that the screens are the same size as I measured it to be 7 inches. I also noticed that the glass on the MeMo attracts smugges easily more than the Nexus.Now on to why its a 5 star rating:-It took about 1 – 2 minutes to set up-It updated to a newer version of andriod immediately-I spent 5 hours installing games and apps from google play store and amazon app store and the battery life was still at 57%-It is light, so very easy to hold on your hands for long durations-Gaming like captain America and Iron man was great, no hick ups-Wifi was fast-Screen is beautiful, and it does not pulses/flickers like the Nexus screen-No more dongle to read usb device as I can insert a micro sd card on the side-some useful apps from asus, like app locker and a revised menu system and some cool widgets (a quick launch button on the left)-Added Camera on the back (I didnt really need this, but it was handy to take a picture to make it as a wallpaper)-Able to make wide scrolling wallpaper-And the great price at 150, as I got this as a replacement of the nexus as my son drop it and smashed the screenLove this so far.

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