J.A. Henckels 13-Slot In-Drawer Knife Tray

J.A. Henckels 13-Slot In-Drawer Knife Tray

J.A. Henckels 13-Slot In-Drawer Knife Tray

Product Features

  • Safely, conveniently stores 12 knives and sharpening steel in drawer
  • Bi-level display, with top holding blades to 5 inches, bottom to 10 inches
  • Top level also suitable for six steak knives
  • Sharpener slot large enough for 10-inch tool
  • Made of wood; fits most kitchen drawers; 17-by-9-by-2 inches

2 thoughts on “J.A. Henckels 13-Slot In-Drawer Knife Tray

  1. mary_mac "mary_mac"
    mary_mac "mary_mac" says:

    Best Value, Best Quality If Tim Allen got into cooking and cutlery the way he salivates after handyman tools, he’d be grunting his “can’t-wait-to-get-my-hands-on-it” love song. This thing’s a monster. Big. Beautiful. Solid. Just like your knives. The only way to go if you can’t bring yourself to give up counter space for a knife block, or prefer the open slide of a knife drawer to getting fallen crumbs, hidden dust, and possibly grime (ugh!) out of those narrow knife block slots.One of the most practical things you’ll ever purchase–even if it seems like a “luxury” item now or something you’ll “eventually” get (uh-huh)–paying for good knives but failing to pay for proper storage (I discovered the hard way) is like buying a good bicycle then leaving it outside to rust. At this affordable price, consider it a “knife” purchase–one that you don’t have but can’t do without. Even if you’re just discovering the value of high quality cutlery, this knife drawer not only is a good investment for all subsequent purchases, but also it lets you know how many you do and don’t have, keeps them all together and, if need be, you can put everything in one place then secure it with a child-proof mechanism. It makes a great gift when you’d like to give something unique but practical and affordably priced.Another advantage is the opening for the knife hone: It’s centered and can act as a dividing mark. If you’re a “two knife set” household like we are (knives are like shoes — they tend to wear and adjust to the user), then each person can have one half of the tray (3 short, 3 long slots each). The depth of the slots keep the handles easy to grasp without too much wriggle room, the color of the wood is as pictured, there are no rough edges or splinters, and the double (not single) Henckels logo appears prominently on the base.Before you buy, however, measure the place you intend to put it, including any offset space you have to account for in sliding it into the drawer; if you’re going to place it on a shelf, make sure that your cupboard door will close. (See measurements in product description.)Keep it well-maintained according to manufacturer’s directions and the feeling of sliding open a drawer and seeing this finely crafted object safely cradling your finely crafted full-tang fully-forged bolstered collection, well, …. it’s just everything you hoped it “wood” be. With free shipping, you can’t go wrong.

  2. Luisa "Luisa"
    Luisa "Luisa" says:

    I’ve searched the web over … I searched the web over to find the best “In Drawer Knife Holder” and this one was it. I purchased my first Wusthof Grand Prix knives recently and was looking for an in drawer knive block and saw (and read reviews) of the Wusthof brand. None were very positive or very pretty. When I saw this I really liked the looks of it and thought “do I need my block to be the same brand as my knives?” Well of course not. I bought it and its great. It looks nice (should anyone decide to snoop into your knife drawer) and it holds a good amount of your best knives. If you are looking for a good knife block and don’t want to pay a small fortune, I would recommend this one. With free shipping you can’t beat the price!

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