Be Amazing Lab-in-a-Bag Test Tube Wonders

Be Amazing Lab-in-a-Bag Test Tube Wonders


Grow squishy jelly crystals and use them to trap a rainbow in a tube.
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Over 25 experiments in five test tubes: Experiment with amazing, colorful, waterproof sand.
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Create cold, fake snow instantly, even on the hottest days using Insta-Snow powder. Use the UV rays in sunlight to change white Energy Beads into bright colors. Grow multicolor Superabsorbent Crystals and make a rainbow in a test tube. Be amazed as you play with waterproof Magic Sand. Make a a tiny polymer dinosaur grow to several times it’s starting size, but don’t be afraid. It’s not a real-life dinosaur. All this and much more. Over 25 activities in Be Amazing! Toys’ Test Tube Wonders kit.

Over 25 Experiments in 5 Test Tubes

Be Amazing!’s Test Tube Wonders is a great introduction the world of science for young scientists. Each of the five test tubes is used to conduct several experiments including: Insta Snow — Make a blizzard in a test tube—instantly; Magic Sand — Experiment with amazing, colorful, waterproof sand; Energy Beads — Use the sun to make these incredible beads change color; Growing Dino — Grow a squishy dinosaur in a test tube, just by adding water; Rainbow Tube — Grow squishy jelly crystals, and use them to trap a rainbow in a tube. The test tubes come with their own secret (hint: soda pop manufacturers use them for something else). Also, they can be used again and again after the experiments are done. The kit contains a list of experiment ideas to get your child started.

New Scientists Welcome

Designed for young scientists ages 8 and up, Test Tube Wonders is an excellent way for science newcomers to learn the basics of chemistry and polymers, physics,and optics. The clever instructions are rolled up inside each test tube and provide a step-by-step approach for completing each experiment and explain the science behind the process. The instructions help your child and you, the adult assistant, explore cool scientific processes, like why the materials in baby diapers are absorbent, how compasses use magnets to work, and what makes us burp. Kids will learn to determine whether a sunscreen works to block out harmful rays and discover the composition of water. All the powders and beads come in resealable baggies that help to reduce spills and messes. If kids don’t use the whole substance in the first experiment, they can seal it up and pack it away for later. The whole kit packs back into its zippered bag for an easy clean up.

What’s in the Box?
  • 5 test tubes with lids and a test tube holder
  • Insta-Snow Powder Magic Sand
  • Energy Beads and rainbow bracelet cord
  • Growing Dino
  • Water Gel
  • Superabsorbent crystals and coloring tablets

Product Features

  • Make incredible, cold, fake snow any time of the year and to grow amazing colored crystals
  • Comes in the clear vinyl bag with 15 activities
  • Just put everything back into the bag for easy clean up, when finished
  • All non-toxic and fully safety tested
  • Includes bag, test tube rack, giant test tubes with lids, Insta-Snow powder
  • Also includes magic sand, energy beads, superabsorbent crystals, true color tablets, water gel and instructions

3 thoughts on “Be Amazing Lab-in-a-Bag Test Tube Wonders

  1. Murphy "Murph"
    Murphy "Murph" says:

    Easy and fun I purchased this for my 9 year old. It is nice because you can do a small project every night. It gives a bit of science terminology without going way over their heads and provides manageable projects that are pretty impressive. My daughter has really enjoyed this kit.

  2. Jennifer L Toole
    Jennifer L Toole says:

    Warning – Extra Supplies Needed We were so excited to use this kit the day we got it (Christmas), but we were so disappointed to find out that you needed several supplies that were not included in the kit! So, beware before you buy that you also need:SunglassesSunscreenA Black light (seriously?)a bunch of clear plastic cups (disposable)Styrofoam cups (3)Plus more.

  3. Rowan

    Excellent! I got this for my nine year old for Christmas, and it is great. Defintely have gotten our money’s worth out of it. The test tubes are durable and can be used even after the experiments are done, the explinations of the experiments are easy to understand, the experiments are fun, and many of them can be done more than once if you want to. I plan to buy more of these in the future.

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