2 thoughts on “CheckMate Infidelity Tests; detect Semen Test Kit; at home use (10 tests/box)

  1. David B.

    Works well as indicated Product works well. Seems to be slightly diluted compared with previous orders. But, mixed solution works for a week or more if kept refrigerated.

  2. Mr. Steak "TeeShark"
    Mr. Steak "TeeShark" says:

    Effective, but a bit deceptive Easy to use product, but not quite what it claims to be.Product is listed as 10 tests/box… which COULD be correct. But in reality it’s two sets of reagents, filter papers for testing and a 24 hour limit after rehydrating the reagents. So, either you have to stock up items to test or waste/reduce the number of tests. That being said!I’m very happy with how the product works. I ran a positive control, negative control and the item in question. Worked as expected. Only thing I didn’t test was a low positive control and I might try to make something up for the next set (if I ever feel the need to retest).

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