Color Changing Light Bulb With Remote

Color Changing Light Bulb With Remote

LED color changing light bulb with wireless remote for use in any standard incandescent socket. Have a sign currently illuminated with boring white light? Own a bar or restaurant and want to really make your decorations stand out? Well here is the answer, the RGB (red, green, blue) colored LED lighting bulb – 16 colors total. Can be used in a single static (fixed) color or simply press the remote control to produce one of four color changing effects. This amazing LED light bulb is capable of emitting White, Red, Green, Blue, plus twelve additional bright colors. In addition to the brilliant colors you can produce with this light bulb, you have the added benefit of reducing your energy costs since only uses 3 watts of energy and it will last a decade with a 51,000 hour lifespan (That’s longer than your TV)!! Great for retrofitting into existing track lights or downlights, make your interior decorations and space shine with this one of a kind LED color changing RGB light bulb

Product Features

  • Long lamp life as compared to standard incandescent bulbs – 51,000 Hour Lifespan (Longer than most TV sets)
  • Low wattage; save energy, the environment, and also save money on electric bill – Only 3 Watts
  • Fixed colors include four primaries; White, Red, Green, Blue, and 12 bright color hues- 16 TOTAL

2 thoughts on “Color Changing Light Bulb With Remote

  1. J. Hetzer

    Reacts to my tv remote These lights function as they should, and put out a good output. The reason I marked them down is because they react to my tv remote. So, if I have them “turned off” and I change the volume on my tv, they suddenly start color strobing. Other functions on my tv remote cause other settings.I own four similar lights from two other companies and I’ve never had this problem with them.

  2. Burning Hot "Light God"
    Burning Hot "Light God" says:

    COOL LED LAMPS I love these Color Changing Light Bulbs With Remotes.You just screw them in like a regular light bulb an watch the LED color change show.You can select a color and the lamp will stay that color until changed or turned off.The only problem is that they do not retain they last setting so they always start in color change mode, not a problem as they each come with a remote.These are a super power savings so you can help save the planet while having fun too.

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