Amco Round Egg Rings, Set of 2

Amco Round Egg Rings, Set of 2

Do you like to cook egg & muffin breakfast sandwiches but wish you could make the egg perfectly round like they do in restaurants? The Egg Rings are an easy way to create perfectly round fried eggs for Eggs Benedict and other breakfast sandwiches. The molds are non-stick to release the cooked egg easily and the handles are made from rustproof stainless steel.

Product Features

  • Stainless steel handles fold for compact storage
  • Make pefectly round eggs for breakfast sandwiches
  • Non stick coating for easy release of eggs
  • Set of 2 rings
  • Dishwasher Safe

2 thoughts on “Amco Round Egg Rings, Set of 2

  1. Andrew Philip
    Andrew Philip says:

    These work great I am unaware of the coating peeling off or rusting as some of the previous reviewers mentioned. I can only say that since these are not all stainless steel, wash them with a sponge and soapy water and dry them right after. I wouldn’t bother using any type of abrasive sponge since you would damage the finish.If you are having any trouble cooking the egg properly, here are a few tips. Use a non stick pan. You have to coat the ring with butter (as directed in the instructions). Also, put the buttered ring on a pan first and let it heat up, then crack the egg into the ring. After the egg cooks for about 3 minutes, lift the ring up to let the egg fall out. Then flip the egg over to cook the other side. If the egg sticks to the ring while trying to flip, shake the ring a tiny bit and it will fall right out.

  2. David I. Waldecker "David I. Waldecker"
    David I. Waldecker "David I. Waldecker" says:

    With practice they work ok Do these work – Yes, with practice. Will you be making Egg McMuffins exactly like McDonalds – No. The bottom of your egg will be overdone since it takes a while to cook through to the top, the cover I mention below helps with this a little.I love McDonalds Egg McMuffins, but don’t like having to go out for them or pay for them. I figured these would do the trick, and they do, however a bit of trial and error was involved:1. you need to start with a very flat cooking surface, if there are any gaps between the Egg Ring and the surface, the egg will leak out2. spray the surface and coat the egg rings with a cooking spray (i.e. Pam)3. get the surface hot before dropping the egg in, this will help with the egg leakage. Any leakage is easily picked up with a knife and dropped back in the top once it has solidified4. once the surface is hot I usually turn the burner down to medium and drop the egg in5. fold the handle of the egg ring down and put a cover over it, a small cooking pot lid works well (this took me a while to figure out)6. lift the lid after a couple minutes and check the egg. When the top looks semi cooked, run a knife around the inside of the egg ring to separate the egg from it and set the ring aside. Flip the egg over to finish cooking what was the top, this doesn’t take long.I was surprised at how long they take to make between 5 & 10 minutes which includes getting all the ingredients together. The eggs will be a little smaller than a Thomas English Muffin, but it works pretty well. Another trick I use is to use the egg ring to make the cheese slice the same size as the egg. A whole single slice of cheese was a bit too much for me.

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