Apple iPhone 3G 16GB -(Unlocked)

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB -(Unlocked)

The iPhone 3G offers attractive features, better battery life, and faster performance, plus all the benefits of the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0. However, even though it stands as a compelling upgrade over the current iPhone models, we wouldn’t recommend it for everyone.

Product Features

  • With fast 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange,

2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 3G 16GB -(Unlocked)

  1. Teri

    the phone is not working… The phone does not work…I did finally speak with the seller and he sent a return label and said he will then send another phone. The phone would not allow any settings to be set up for any other carrier other than AT&T. The point of the unlocked phone was to be able to use any carrier I choose. I was following the instructions listed online for the model of phone, and when I plugged the USB into the port, it locked the phone up again and it will not unlock at all. I cannot even get it to turn off. Also, my mom ordered the same phone and hers came and there is not sim tray to insert the sim card to get it to work.Thanx,Teri

  2. sukesh

    iphone 3g 16gb I am not happy with this product coz. the first iphone they send me its home button does not work, I call them & tell essue about the phone & send it back. after 3,4 dayes i got second iphone & that doesn’t work at all after that i have to call them and ask for my money back. they said they are going to email me a prepaid ticket for send it back. i have been waiting for 4 dayes but i dont get email. so send them another few mail & leave a voice mail too. but nobody respond me back. its been 12 dayes so i have to contact my bank to get refound my money back. I am never going to buy any thing from this web site again. Sorry

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