Can You Imagine Pocket Laser Light Show

Can You Imagine Pocket Laser Light Show

5096 Features: -Pocket laser light show.-Materials: Plastic.-Welcome to the big light show you can hold in the palm of your hand.-Create your own beautiful moving light shows on walls and ceilings.-Batteries: 3 AAA.-Age group: 8+.

Product Features

  • Create your own light show
  • Auto show function
  • Powerful laser technology
  • Wireless operation
  • Pattern effect controls

3 thoughts on “Can You Imagine Pocket Laser Light Show

  1. Geoffrey F. Beneze "geoffbeneze"
    Geoffrey F. Beneze "geoffbeneze" says:

    Super Value for a super toy In the early 80’s, back with tube lasers, a friend and I build a device using this same design with the materials of that era. We spend over $1000 to accomplish what this unit does for near nothing.Amazing.Two mirrors mounted so they wobble. the laser aims at the edge of one and it reflects the laser to the edge of the second wobble mirror, this one directs the light out into the world. Each of the two motors has an individual speed control as well as a reversing switch. By altering the speed and direction of the mirrors a near infinite number of pattern combinations are achievable.This unit also has a program that runs the light through a sequence of speeds and patterns. It has a “sample” button, push it light shows for as long as you’re holding the button. On the bottom of the unit is a switch that sets to “Auto” or to “Manual”.The three triple A batteries are the originals and they show no signs of expiring. The kids love this toy and they’ll be getting one for Christmas (yes, I’m one of those who is almost finished with my christmas shopping).For a inexpensive experience in laser light shows, it’s hard to recommend this one enough.

  2. Mark Alsip

    Impressive for the price The output is impressive for a unit that costs less than $20: bright enough to light up the wall on a room even when low-level lights are already on, and some fairly impressive patterns are produced by the two moving internal reflectors. The motors are a little louder than I expected — in one mode, almost annoying. I agree with the other reviewers in that the novelty does wear off after a while… you can’t really get the thing to respond directly and alter patterns in time with music, for example. The mode that produces interlocking, rotating circles is hypnotic though (and the motors are quieter!). I spent $18 and, based on that, can’t really find anything to complain about 🙂

  3. S. Lamb

    lots of fun, torments the dog gave it to my nephew, rave reviews, his dog likes to chase the laser patterns, especially good as he can tuck it in his pocket and take it anywhere.

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