3 thoughts on “Motorola OEM Droid X/MB810 BH5X Battery

  1. D. Thurston

    Very happy Skeptical buyer I have to admit that I was skeptical about the price of these batteries, considering the Verizon price of $40.00.Despite my skepticism, I purchased two additional batteries for the Droid X. I was very pleased with the product. I have 2 spare batteries now for my Droid. The batteries appear to be OEM and work perfectly.

  2. Waldo "Waldo"
    Waldo "Waldo" says:

    Motorola OEM Droid X / MB810 BH5X Battery The shipment arrived within a couple of days. The battery looks to be OEM. It has a 03/2011 date. It was almost fully discharged. I charged it fully with no problems and it seems to be lasting as long as my original battery. The phone readily accepted the battery, no error messages, etc.

  3. Kevin B

    Exact match This is the exact match for the battery that came with my Droid X. Great to have an extra on hand for the times that I am away from my charger at a cheap price.

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