Progressive International GPC-4000 Fruit and Vegetable Chopper

Progressive International GPC-4000 Fruit and Vegetable Chopper

Progressive International is your source for the widest range of functional, inventive, and fun kitchen tools and great ideas put into practice. Our in-house designers spend hours in the kitchen coming up with ways to improve on a variety of traditional tasks and tools. Established in 1973, our commitment to quality and service allows us to offer a broad selection of quality kitchenware and other household products. The fruit and vegetable chopper chops, dices and slices a variety of fruits and vegetables in one swift motion. Built-in side blade minimizes need for pre-cutting. Measurements printed on non-skid base container. Includes cleaning tool and storage box. Dishwasher safe.

Product Features

  • One handed food chopper, ideal for chopping nuts, fruits, vegetables, chocolate and more
  • Dice, slice and chop fruits and veggies without the mess of a cutting board
  • Press down on pusher lid and food is cut into included measuring container
  • Built-in side blade which minimizes the need for precutting
  • Includes cleaning tool and storage box; dishwasher safe

3 thoughts on “Progressive International GPC-4000 Fruit and Vegetable Chopper

  1. W. Funkhouser "bfunk"
    W. Funkhouser "bfunk" says:

    Super useful kitchen prep tool! While this product seems to scream “As seen on TV!”, it really is quite useful.This week, I used this product to prepare the following:Sun: Pizza toppings (olives, mushrooms, peppers, onions)Mon: Soup (celery, onions, carrots)Tue: Salsa (tomatoes, onions, peppers)Tue: Spanish rice ( onions, celery, peppers, tomatoes)Wed: Pad thai (broccoli, peppers, onions)Thur: Stuffed peppers (onions, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms)Everyday: Salad (apples, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, hardboiled egg)Fri: Apple cake (apples)Sat: Oatmeal (apples)The chopper is a little more work to clean than a knife, but MUCH faster and still easy to clean with the included cleaning comb. (don’t lose it) Cleaning is little more than rinsing usually. I run it through the dishwasher every few days.If you don’t need to prep a lot of ingredients like I listed or you don’t really care if your items are minced/ diced/ sliced into identical shapes, then you don’t need this. However, if you do a lot of chopping/ mincing/ slicing and you like it when your finished pieces are all identical (I do!), then this chopper can not be beat. It is very durable but requires a fairly strong push. My children can’t push through the same items that I can, but if I take out half the items, then they too enjoy seeing the neatly chopped pieces. Bill – […]

  2. Erica Paris

    Makes dicing easy, but only for certain things. You really do get what you pay for.If you want to dice up some tomatoes, cucumber, egg, green bell pepper, onion, avocado, strawberries, etc, this thing is PERFECT!!!I’m a both OCD and lazy. So dicing is kind of a nightmare for me. The Progressive chopper is perfect for someone like me. I can get my perfect dices, and not spend an hour doing it.But you have to be realistic about it. It’s not going to cut your time in the kitchen down to nothing. Whatever you put in there has to be prepared before you start dicing. For perfectly diced onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, whatever, you have to slice the vegetable first. Then place each slice on the chopper.So far I’ve diced pretty much every vegetable I could think of, and only had problems with a few of them. It did dice my celery up for me beautifully, but the string from the celery got all caught up in the white part that pushes the vegetables through. Had to clean it after every few stalks. When I sliced my potato up thin enough, it worked ok with a bit of grunt work, but it wasn’t going to go through the thicker slices without breaking the darn thing. And you can forget ever using a sweet potato. you have to slice the darn thing thin as a piece of paper to get THAT to work.There are a few things I would change about this product if I could:1) I wish the metal they used for the blades was a harder type metal, for two reasons. First, it bends too much to slice through hard veggies. Second, I imagine it’s going to go dull a lot faster than something like stainless steel would.2) I wish the chopping surface were larger. Everything has to be cut down to fit it.3) I wish there were a blade that would chop things bigger. I like to make stews with large chunks of veggies, and none of the available blades are big enough for that.Oh, and one side note… do NOT lose that curved white comb they send with it. It makes cleaning the chopper fast and easy. Without it, you’re going to be sitting there cleaning the darn thing for an hour. (Trust me, I lost it once, and wanted to pull my hair out. Thankfully, I did find it eventually. Now I always put the darn thing in the same place.)

  3. Johnny Reeves "Cutting Corners with Quality R...
    Johnny Reeves "Cutting Corners with Quality R... says:

    Most amazing kitchen time saver EVER I bought one of these choppers for myself (4 blade variety vs. the one blade onion chopper) by Progressive……it is totally an amazing product; you can chop multipe items in one fell-swoop of the lid, it falls into the ice-tray type bin below and you add the next item. You can chop a whole onion in one movement, a whole tomato, etc. using proper blades for the item. Making a stew or spaghetti sauce or other multi-veggie item is instantaneous. I love this product. Am giving it for Christmas gifts.

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