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  1. sid's mom

    It is a convenient little gadget I think the suggested times are ok if you have a powerful microwave like me. Everyone here has had different experiences and the reason for that is that each brand of microwave functions a little differently and there is a noticeable difference between the higher and lower powered (wattage) ones, a fact that people do not appear to keep into account.I had bought the boiley a while ago but used it today for the first time. I needed a soft-boiled egg for my 11 month old because he does not like it any other way so far. I had seen some of the reviews here saying it takes longer than recommended so put it in the microwave for 4 minutes. It got medium done. On my particular microwave 3 minutes would be tops for a soft-boiled egg, which is very convenient because every time I put it on the stove, even with the “Norpro Egg Rite Egg Timer”, I get busy with something else and forget to turn off the stove and take out the egg from the water so it does not overcook, at exactly the right time.I gave it four stars because they have not given clear instructions for its usage. They should be more specific about it and state more clearly the approximate times based on the wattage of the particular microwave being used.Other than that I am satisfied with the product. At first I was afraid of the egg exploding but that didn’t happen. My guess is that people whose eggs explode may not be putting the right amount of water. When the water runs out in the cup, no moisture is left outside the egg so the shell gets overheated and explodes. But I am not a scientist so this is just an educated guess.

  2. Steve Tran

    Works as Instructed So I don’t usually eat a bunch of eggs at once which was the reason for buying Boily. I was skeptical at first, but excited to try it out. The price also justified the time I’d save if it did work, but wasn’t expensive enough to say that I’d lose money if it didn’t. So I tried 3 eggs with my 850 W microwave and here are the results. My goal was to get a hard-boiled egg.1)Fill water up to line.Poke the yolk.Microwave 5 minutes.Let it sit in the microwave a few minutes, and then running under water to peel.Result: medium boiledNote: I noticed some water spilled out (very little).2)Fill water a little under line [to prevent spilling]Poke the yolk.Microwave 5.5 minutes.Let it sit in the microwave a few minutes, and then running under water to peel.Result: soft boiledNote: No water spilled, but I think less water boiled it less.3)Fill water up to line. A little spill is fine as long as the egg turns out good I suppose.Poke the yolk.Microwave 6 minutes.Let it sit in the microwave a few minutes, and then running under water to peel.Result: medium/hard boiledNote: A little water spilled.Conclusion: Despite not being able to achieve a hard boiled egg it still worked well, and I was able to obtain consistent results by following the directions and adjusting them a little every time since my microwave isn’t the same power. I think a few more trials and I’ll be able to get a hard boiled egg every time!

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