China Slim Tea Extra Strength (20 Teabags)

China Slim Tea Extra Strength (20 Teabags)

Tea Pot Brand China Slim Tea in 1.7oz (50g) box. Dieters Delight China Slim Tea contains 20 tea bags. This tea bag contains no caffeine and 100% natural. This special formula can be consumed by men and women.

Product Features

  • Dieters Delight 100% Natural
  • No Caffeine A Special Oriental Pure Herbal Tea
  • Dietary Supplement. Extra bowel movement may be expected in the 1st or 2nd day of use
  • Brew one tea bag in 10 oz boiling water for 5 minutes

2 thoughts on “China Slim Tea Extra Strength (20 Teabags)

  1. Lazerbeeeams

    GREAT The shipping was great! Packaged nicely and arrived only 2 days later.The tea itself works effectively and gives you extra bowel movement, by thesecond week you’re able to lose around 10 pounds ‘IF’ you follow the diet rules byeating healthy, exercising, and getting sleep. I love the tea

  2. Teacher

    Detox I have been using this product for years. When you are having constipation issues this beats all the products from the chemist hands down. One cup of tea, which is quite pleasant tasting, and 12 hours later you are squeaky clean. I now have one a night which keeps my body regular along with the fibre hit of muesli in the morning. I was not able to find this product in Australia so I turned to Amazon. The shipping was quick and there were no problems with customs. Thanks Amazon!

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