3 thoughts on “Totes Mens Auto Coin Jar, Blue, One Size

  1. BAH

    Great coin counting jar! This is a very nice and accurate coin counting jar. First thing that I noticed is that the jar is made out of high quality plastic. I’ve seen many other coin counters made out of very thin cheap chincy plastic that looks like it is made from a cheap water bottle. This also has a nice top that is accurate and also has a feature that can subtract money. It never made a mistake in counting for me. The size is just about right because it isn’t too big or too small. If you expect to put in a couple hundred dollars in mixed coins, you may want to look for something else though. The only negative that I can see is that the amount always remains showing which seems to be a waste of battery power but some people may prefer it showing all the time. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.PS. The coin counting mechanism is based on measurement of the coin so one has to put the coin through the slot from the left side. If someone puts a coin and pushes/pulls it to the center rather than pushing the coin down from left side, it may get a wrong reading. As long as you put the coin in correctly, it should always get a correct reading.

  2. drishell boyd
    drishell boyd says:

    Coin Counter Mug I gave it to my husband because he has a lot of coins laying around in the car. And he love it. It tells him how much change he have at hand and he can subtract when he uses it. Two thumbs up…….

  3. Got4boyz

    Works Great Is actually of far better quality than I expected for the price. Not ashamed to leave it out in the open in my new Volvo. If they weren’t “out of stock”, I’d buy a couple more.

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