inspector gadget 2 dvd Italian Import

inspector gadget 2 dvd Italian Import

ritorna l’ispettore piu’ accessoriato del mondo in compagnia questa volta di g2, una nuova ispettrice supertecnologica e completamente computerizzata. insieme, dopo una serie di mirabolanti avventure e difficolta’ riusciranno a salvare il mondo dai rinnovati loschi propositi di artiglio.

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  1. Katie J

    The kids will love it! With bold cartoon colors and gadgets and gizmos a plenty, this will keep the kids entertained for hours and hours as they play it over and over again. This time round Inspector Gadget is played by French Stewart – he’s just perfect for this role – he’s boldly cartoonish and so clumsy you just can’t help but love him. His antics and gadget ‘glitches’ will make you laugh and the special effects really bring it to life. With everything from eye-popping spring loading gadgets to the return of the much loved wise-talking Gadgetmobile.

  2. A. Gyurisin "good friend, damn fool"
    A. Gyurisin "good friend, damn fool" says:

    You say Inspector, I say Inspector – Let’s call the whole thing off!! I have hit an all-time low. I have rebooted my film lifestyle. Prior to watching “Inspector Gadget 2”, I was willing and absolutely able to watching anything that came through the system. I was up for any low-budget feature, no matter what country of origin, I was up for good, the bad, and the ugly, AND I was even up for those direct-to-home features that make nearly every cineophile shudder. This was my life, up until about a week ago. I found myself trudging through both “Inspector Gadget” as well as the cartoon voiced by Don Adams, and the direct-to-Disney sequel, “Inspector Gadget 2”. It was after this viewing that I eliminated all the upcoming films in my list, opened a fresh page, and started from scratch. I am going to begin (after I finish watching “The Longest Yard” remake and original) watching more classic, foreign, and contemporary independent films. I want to bring the level of control back and impress those with more of a knowledge than whom was a better Inspector Gadget, Mathew Broderick or French Stewart – alas, friends, I do know the answer to that, and I am not proud enough to shout it on the highest mountain. It is embarrassing that I have to nominate one “Inspector Gadget” film over the other, but a critics work is never done. I have no favorite when it comes to this franchise, I have no favorite when it comes to stories that completely demolish the structure of the cartoon of which it is based. In closing, I have no favorite at all when you have two films that are only connected by the titles they share.”Inspector Gadget 2″ is possibly one of the worst sequels to dawn the direct-to-DVD call tag at the bottom of the box. Using nothings from the original film (not the same characters, not the same style, not the same comic timing), this film is one that you have to watch alone, not standing right next to the original Broderick vehicle. French Stewart (he is always squinting … why?), with the aid of director Alex Zamm try to bring the original concept back the the series without any known budget. Stewart brings a new Inspector to the film, a more arrogant, snobbish, seems to be tormented by life, protagonist that cares nothing for those surrounding him. He is a character that we cannot love, no matter how many times we have to sit through one viewing of this film. What is interesting about Stewart is that he is actually closer to the the animated Gadget than the original. Zamm also tries to create a Dr. Claw that is closer to the original – but the trouble occurs with the fact that the two share very little screen time and thus there is no real chemistry between the two. Claw used to always monitor Gadget’s doings, in this one, there seems to be a haphazard care as to what either is doing. Penny still doesn’t have her book and Brain still isn’t getting anyone out of trouble. Where is the consistency here? Too add to the mix, we are introduced to a new character “G2″, the newest upgrade to the Gadget line. Like anything this riddled with clichés, there is an initial problem with the two of them, but eventually a spark misfires and Gadget is introduced to yet another love interest. Considering the problems anatomically with this couple, there is no further spark between them. The only reason the two are put in a this film are to be together, not for any other purpose. There is no sense of individualism, just flimsy cause followed by an effect that could have been predicted before the opening credits ended.”Inspector Gadget 2” has not seen the best reviews, nor will it get a good one from me – it tried, but ultimately it failed. There was no purpose to create this erroneous sequel. Disney was hoping to cash in on the Broderick fan base, the younger generation that knows no better , or just to make some extra dollars to pad their bottom line, but there was no reason to resurrect this already problematic series. I hated Elaine Hendrix’s mesh between “Robocop” and “Judge Dredd”. She was funny at parts that were not meant to be funny, and chokingly bad at parts that were meant to draw sympathy from the audience. Perhaps it was the writing, or the campy way that it was filmed, or the cheesy ploy to get audiences to laugh, but this sequel just left me out to dry. If I had to speak positively about this film in any way, I would have to comment on the CGI which did improve a bit with this lower-budget film. I thought the idea of “freezing-time” was a fun concept equal to what Claw would do, but again, we seemed to lack the spunk and originality of the cartoon. I would never consider this franchise a remake of the cartoon, but instead their own unoriginal spin-off.I blame Disney a bit for this film because cutting corners and cost is not an excuse for making poor films. If Broderick or even the horrid Everett could not reprise their roles for this sequel, it should have just stopped there. Don’t push a circular peg into a…

  3. csm

    Very cute, great movie I’m not too sure what all the bad reviews are all about for this film. After “reviewing” them myself, I’m gathering that most think that this movie isn’t quite “up to par” with previous Gadget movies. However, if you’re like us and have only seen this one, then you’ll love it! It’s just full of neat surprises and look out for the toddlers in your house – they will just LOVE it. This is the only full-length movie my little one ever sat through and asked to watch again! He just loves all the gadgets and silly things the Inspector does and says. He’s seen it so many times now that he can quote it and sing the songs. French Stewart has a natural aptitude for physical comedy and it really comes through in this movie. I appreciated seeing him in something besides “Third Rock from the Sun.” This is definitely a little boy movie (toddler age) and older, and fun for girls too (Gadget’s niece Penny is there to help solve the case).I wouldn’t pass on this one just because of expectations. Just watch it for what it is – it isn’t a movie masterpiece but it wasn’t intended for such acclaim. It was made to just sit back and have fun for an hour or so and that’s what it does in a very wonderful, imaginative way. Highly recommend!

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