Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear, Firm Compression Miracle Vest, Black, Extra Small

Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear, Firm Compression Miracle Vest, Black, Extra Small

Squeem has been manufacturing “FAJAS” and body shaping garments for over thirty years. Our FAJAS have the PERFECT TOUCH: a perfect combination of cotton smooth touch and the modern compression of pure natural latex. Reduce 1 to 4 inches in 30 days with suggested use. The Firm Compression Cotton and Rubber Vest by Squeem Magical Lingerie not only immediately reduces your waist line, but accelerates weight loss through high compression, perspiration and micromassage. A Triple filtered cotton lining provides superior absorption and perfect comfort, while flexible boning prevents the garment from binding and rolling! This garment immediately firms and flattens the abdomen, lifts the breasts, and the double hook and eye front closure makes sizing simple and convenient! Adjustable bra straps create personalized comfort, while correcting posture, and relieving most lower back pain (consult your physician). Daily recommended use: 8 to 10 hours. Available colors: Nude & Black.

Product Features

  • You will look 1 to 2 sizes smaller immediately
  • Reduces waist line immediately
  • Immediately firms and flattens the abdomen
  • Reduces measurements by 1 to 4 inches after 30 days of use
  • Accelerates weight loss

2 thoughts on “Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear, Firm Compression Miracle Vest, Black, Extra Small

  1. DynomiteWins "DynomiteWins"
    DynomiteWins "DynomiteWins" says:

    I’m wearing it right now! I bought this vest because I was tired of feeling lumpy in my daily work clothing. I’m not obese or overweight, but I don’t have a body to die for and have always been shaped more like a boy (no curves.)I’m 5’9, 135lbs with most of my fat carried in my belly area, so I bought a medium. At first I could barely squeeze my chubby tubby into the first set of hooks. I wore it for about an hour and it was a tight feel, but not uncomfortable at all. After about 2 hours, I thought I’d try and go down to the next level hook and it actually wasn’t too difficult to do. Now I wear it every day for at least 8 hours while I am at work (it also helps the back – I haven’t had pain from sitting in my desk chair the entire time I’ve been wearing it.)At first, after 8 hours of wearing it, I would find that my body maintains the shape this vest gives me for about an hour when I took it off. Now I’ve been wearing the vest for a week and my shape is already changing ( I haven’t lost dramatic inches, but I’ve got a curve!!!!) I don’t like wearing it right against my skin because I do sweat a lot – I got a ton of thin tank tops and wear that underneath and I still sweat, but it doesn’t feel as slimy.After a week, my body has become used to this shape that wearing this vest is no longer feels very tight and actually seems pretty natural. The only downside is that the vest doesn’t go under many sleeveless tops – the straps are big and if you don’t have them adjusted right, they can dig into your armpits (I have mine at the longest length and they are comfortable.) This vest also does wonders for the breasts – I have an average chest B-C cup, but they perk right up (my theory is that all the jigglies have been squished from my stomach area and into my […] – tee hee)I also ordered the Squeem waist cincher in a small so I could try and transition to an even smaller waist. That one is good as well, but the vest does a better job of all over smoothness. You won’t have back fat popping out the top or bottom. The vest goes down a long ways so you won’t have it rolling up at all. I use the waist cincher when I want to wear a sleeveless top and it gives a nice shape.I haven’t modified diet or exercise yet, but I plan to do that to get more dramatic results.

  2. C. White

    Couldn’t Love It More I’ve tried so many girdles and shapeware with little effect and much disappointment over the years. Though I’m “only” 15 lbs. overweight, I’ve never had much of a waist to speak of and it was wide – always around 30″, currently around 34″. After 4 children and a body type that stores weight in my middle, I have had difficulty looking good in pretty much everything. The newer jean styles just enhance my problem (the old muffin-top syndrome), and in skirts and dresses, I just looked frumpy and dumpy. Past items have just squeezed the fat up over the top or out the bottom, with negligible tummy flattening – very unattractive and uncomfortable to boot. So it was with trepidation and extreme skepticism that I ordered this product.I’m so happy to report that this vest has given me the figure I never had even before I had children! The vest style kept the fat from spilling over the top, and the length keeps it from spilling out the bottom. It truly COMPRESSES and distinctly creates a waist. I can’t adequately express how wonderful it feels to have a waist that looks realistic and sexy. And these modern jeans now look FANTASTIC on me.It is very tight, but not uncomfortably so. I was used to mine within minutes, and though aware I was wearing it, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Just make sure you get the right size – keep YOUR measurements and your knowledge of your body in mind when you look at sizes. On the height/weight measurement chart, my size was supposedly Medium, but that chart didn’t speak to my unusual proportions and predominantly abdominal weight problem. According to the bust/waist/hip ratio chart, I was supposedly a 1X. I am 5’7″, 145 lbs., wear size 9, have a 40D bust, a 34″ waist, and 38″ hips – not quite a 1x. I chose the LARGE, which I was able to fasten on the second set of fasteners (with effort), it fit me perfectly and instantly gave the desired effect.You will want to have some strength in your hands to fasten this, or the help of someone who does. As others have said, this product isn’t for very clingy, see-through, or downright tight tops or dress bodices – though you can get away with it in dark, solid colors and shirred fabrics. Spaghetti straps also will not work with the vest, so for outfits like that you may just want the cincher – though that may cause the “back-fat” thing for some women. Sitting can be a little weird looking in pants or tight dress (it definitely encourages good sitting posture), but looser clothing (remember “loose” does not equal “shapeless” – you can wear tapered clothing and your good figure shows through), darker colors, or a sweater/vest/shawl…strategically placed purse, solves that. :)I don’t count any of these as a negatives against the product though – there is only so much an outer garment can do. For me, I’m willing to make wardrobe adjustments (slightly looser tops, wider straps on sleeveless tops, solid/dark colors for tighter tops/bodices, shirred fabrics, wearing a camisole to hide fasteners) to enjoy this phenomenal product. You can compensate for looser tops/bodices, with a lower neckline (this product lifts the boobs great!), and tops that are tapered without being form-fitting.I wholeheartedly recommend this product – it is worth every cent, and when you figure in renewed self-esteem, so much more!UPDATE: I finally got back to this review, lol. I didn’t lose any weight, but that probably has more to do with my thyroid issues than the product. As with many things, it’s all individual. I bought the 1x for my daughter who had her baby a year ago, and she HAS lost weight – she wears a Large like me now.I wanted to offer some advice concerning the use of lotions and the rubber smell that can get on your skin – wear a light tank top between your skin and the vest and only apply lotions to areas the vest does not cover.If you buy some snug, full size panty briefs (or Spanx, or something along those lines), they can go over the bottom edge of the vest and keep it more securely in your pants. I prefer high waist pants in general, but when that’s not what’s going on, I do the snug brief thing. You could also just buy a ‘spandexy’ cheap tube girdle and wear it a little lower to hold the bottom in place better as well if you’re more of a thong kind of girl.And lastly, if you sometimes feel that your breasts are just a little too perky while wearing this product, you can put on a sports bra to tone it down a bit. With a black sports bra OVER the vest AND your normal bra (also in black), you have the bottom “layer” for that layered tank-top look. Trust me, it looks great.In short, play around a bit find the tricks and tips to accentuate your squeem experience!

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