2 thoughts on “Milani Brow Tint Pen, Natural Taupe

  1. Carla

    Awesome product After buying this at the drugstore, I’m hooked. I found it here at Amazon and ordered 2 more for fear that I wouldn’t be able to find it again. This is so much better than any pencil or powder. It tints your skin so it looks completely natural, even close up, and even filling in big areas. AND it stays on all day. I’ve even forgotten to take it off and slept in it, and it was still there in the morning and looked normal. It doesn’t rub off or flake off or get greasy or any of the things a pencil will do. Plus the tip always stays fine since it’s a marker, so you can be really precise and light with it, which helps to make it look natural because it doesn’t go all over the place and look too heavy.

  2. Jody "The Cat Whispurrer"
    Jody "The Cat Whispurrer" says:

    Good, But Not as Expected, (or rather “Not What I Thought I was Ordering!”) This is described as a brow “tint pen”. It is not. It’s basically a brow crayon pencil. I bought it specifically because I thought I was getting a fine line marker or pen-type product that would stay put all day. This is a waxy pencil that will rub off. A nice aspect is the brush on the other end. it does do a nice job of blending the crayon, so that it looks more natural. I wouldn’t order it again. I would keep a clean mascara brush on hand and get a bargain brand eyebrow pencil. Still looking for that fine-line pen.**********************************************************************************Since my original review, I have discovered that, when I ordered, the product title and description for the pen (what I wanted and thought I would get) had been mismatched with a pic and “add to cart” link for Milani’s Eyebrow Pencil! http://www.amazon.com/Milani-Easy-Automatic-Pencil-Brown/dp/B00392FQ00/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361929490&sr=8-1&keywords=milani+brow+pencil This is why my review automatically showed up in the “Pen” reviews! As an eyebrow PENCIL, I must give it an extra star… it stays put quite a while, and the brush does a great job. I would’ve have preferred to get the product I was told I was ordering. I see that they have corrected their mistake, so I’ll order the pen again, and hopefully THAT’S what I’ll get this time 😉

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