98 Decibal Door Guard Knob Alarm

98 Decibal Door Guard Knob Alarm

This door knob alarm is a dual purpose 98db alarm which can also be used as a flashlight. It acts as a both a burglar alarm and a personal flashlight. Hang it on any metal door knob and it instantly and automatically sounds when an intruder touches the door knob. Using the plastic loop, hang your Door Guard on the knob of the door you wish to protect. Place the alarm as near to the door as possible; ideally, it should be touching the surface.

Hang the Flipo Door Guard Alarm on any style door knob or deadbolt lock in your home or office. Simply turn it on and hang it on. If the door moves, the alarm sounds. The Door Guard Alarm even features a convenient LED flashlight. Uses 2 AAA Batteries(not included). Features variable sensitivity settings emergency LED light. Excellent for traveling or hotel stay.

Product Features

  • 98 decibal alarm
  • Installs in seconds
  • No wiring or tools needed
  • Alarms any door with metal door knobs
  • Instant alarm activation for personal use

2 thoughts on “98 Decibal Door Guard Knob Alarm

  1. R. McLaughlin
    R. McLaughlin says:

    Works awesome! We have a stalker. Cops don’t care unless they break in. At that point they’d get shot, so I was hoping to let them know to go away so they can get a life. I got one for each door, set them, and they work! Alarm went off at about 2:30am. I was in no position to give chase, but things have been silent since.No worries about cats on the door, rain or other weather outside, or other bothers. originally the alarm was set and would sound when I was not even touching the doorknob. Hey for 2am that works for me.Peace of mind. Money very well spent.

  2. Emma Nelson "Emma"
    Emma Nelson "Emma" says:

    Nice and Loud Ordered the door alarm for my mom’s front door. It works just as described and it is nice and loud. There is no way you will not know someone is turned the door knob from the other side. Activates immediately. Easy on and off switch. Cheap materials but who cares, it works.

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