Inspector Gadget Megaset

Inspector Gadget Megaset

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Relive the adventures of everyone’s favorite and much beloved bumbling detective with the release of all classic Inspector Gadget episodes from Seasons 1 & 2, together for the first time ever on DVD! Watch as the Inspector (voiced by Get Smart’s Don Adams) takes on M.A.D. and the evil Dr. Claw with his arsenal of backfiring gadgets.

As the world’s only semi-robotic policeman, he’s his own worst enemy, but with Penny and Brain in his corner, Inspector Gadget can never go wrong!

Also included: Inspector Gadget s Last Case: Claw’s Revenge. This time, the evil Dr. Claw has a new plan up his sleeve which makes Gadget’s life go from bad to worse. Can he be stopped?

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  1. Anonymous

    INSPECTOR GADGET the complete series enough said but here’s a review anyway i’m not sure if its in its original aspect ratio or this mega set has the Christmas episode special I know there selling it separately I don’t think it has any special features of anything I can recall. there’s all 86 episodes this cartoon series is my favorite of all time and made me become a hardcore Don Adams fan, I purchased Get Smart the complete series dvd box set on because of Inspector Gadget and I also have check it out! on dvd another Don Adams show I don’t know if anyone remembers that show or unless your big Don Adams fan like me. plus I also bought Inspecteur gadget from the French version because of the anime style art work on every cover of the box sets which also one many reasons why I love Inspector Gadget that Japanese anime look I know and love. I also love all of Gadgets catchphrases like WOWSERS and would you believe Maxwell Smart saying, my other favorite is the adorable cute Penny Gadget Inspector Gadgets niece who solves Gadgets cases in every episode with her computer book and computer watch with brain the dog taking most of the punishment from Gadgets adventures and chief Quimby giving Gadget explosive messages that explodes in the chiefs face lol, and the ruthless evil Dr.Claw that wants to destroy Gadget anyway he can with his MAD agents and other evil creatures and robots to eliminate Gadget and last but least there’s corporal Capeman Inspector Gadgets sidekick in season 2 only also the funniest character in the series other than Gadget himself. With Inspector Gadgets gadget copter is extended legs and arms to reach any high place gadget balloon up coat his laser water fingers gadget key etc at his arsenal to get himself out of dangerous MAD plots throughout his adventures with penny brain chief Quimby and capeman to help him defeat Dr.claw all the way to the last episode Gadget and RED Rose. P.S. GO GO GADGET DVD MEGA SET AND LOVING IT! 😉

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