Nerf Vortex PRAXIS Blaster

Nerf Vortex PRAXIS Blaster

Vortex Praxis

Pump-action power and a removable 10-disc clip let you go the distance with the NERF VORTEX PRAXIS blaster. Give yourself the edge in your next battle with this long-range blaster. Whether you need maximum mobility or enhanced fire control, you can modify your blaster with the removable shoulder stock and add accessories with the Tactical Rail System (Tactical Rail accessories sold separately). The NERF VORTEX PRAXIS blaster comes with a removable stock, 10-disc magazine, 10 discs, and instructions.

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Blaster, removable stock, and 10 discs with magazine

Age Recommendations:

8 years and older


Do not aim darts/discs at eyes
or face.


This blaster comes with 10 long range discs and snap-in magazine for quick reloads during battle. View larger.

The removable shoulder stock and pump-action firing let you increase your mobility as you fight for victory.
View larger.
Long-Range Power and Control

Take control of the action with the NERF VORTEX PRAXIS blaster. Offering long-range, high-powered disc-blasting technology, NERF VORTEX blasters hurl ultra-distance discs for the ultimate battle experience.

The NERF VORTEX PRAXIS blaster is easy to hold and handle for great control while following the targets. Just aim, pump, and blast the discs towards your target.

Personalize Your Blaster with Accessories

Want to change things up a bit and make your backyard play a little more exciting? The NERF VORTEX PRAXIS blaster comes with a range of accessories so you can personalize your strategy. If you need a little more mobility, simply remove the shoulder stock. You can create one of the most epic VORTEX PRAXIS hybrids yet.

Safety Reminders

To keep the fun going, remember to never aim for face or eyes. To avoid injury, only use the discs designed for this product. Never modify the discs or blaster.

What’s in the Box

NERF VORTEX PRAXIS blaster, removable stock, 10-disc magazine, 10 discs, and instructions.

Product Features

  • Pump-action, 10-disc blaster is customizable so you can enhance your fire control or modify your blaster for mobility
  • With removable 10-disc magazine for maximum firepower with minimum reloading time
  • Removable stock and versatile Tactical Rail System let you modify your blaster to meet your battlefield needs. Tactical Rail accessories sold separately
  • As with all Vortex blasters, features XLR long-range disc technology to launch discs an ultra long distance
  • Praxis blaster comes with removable stock, 10-disc magazine, 10 discs and instructions

3 thoughts on “Nerf Vortex PRAXIS Blaster

  1. Nathan

    Incredible Range I found this gun a month before it came out at target. The one problem I had with it is now sold because when I bought it they didn’t sell extra ammo. This meant that I couldn’t use it in nerf wars for fear of losing a disk. That’s a shame, because this thing is amazing! If you can find a place with no wind that’s long enough it’ll probably shoot 100 feet. It is also very accurate out to about 50 feet. That’s not all, since it’s pump action and is capable of slam fire (although the slam fire is strange) it can fire off its 10 round clips with ease. The clips themselves are small enough to fit in your pocket, which is nice because the gun doesn’t have anything to hold them. Another good point is that it has yet to jam on me, and it feels durable and well made when you hold it. Finally, when the stock is off, it’s actually rather compact. So, at $25, this is a bargain.

  2. Irwin Kwan

    Great addition to the Nerf arsenal Hasbro has come out with a set of Vortex blasters this fall with a totally new set of ammo compared to its previous line of Nerf guns. Rather than firing foam darts, they essentially fire little frisbees that are roughly one and a half inches in diameter.The Nerf Vortex Praxis is the “medium gun” of the bunch. It has a 10-ammo magazine and a removable stock, and is much larger than a pistol. It’s slightly smaller than my Quick 16 and about the same size as a Recon CS-6 with all of the attachments on. The stock is comfortable and the magazine is easy to use and reload.The firing mechanism is a pump-action. You put the magazine in, draw the handle back and forward, and fire. It’s extremely easy to use and the discs fly very far and straight.I own a few Nerf guns (Quick 16, Maverick, Recon CS6, NiteFinder EX-3) and I can say that this is one of the most satisfying toys I’ve had the pleasure of using. There are a number of things that really make this line of guns stand out over the previous ones.First, ammo jams are virtually non-existent. Unlike foam darts, these discs don’t get as heavily mangled and don’t get shredded to bits inside the firing chambers. Guns like the Raider, Recon, and Quick 16 are all prone to jamming issues, meaning that you had to carefully prime them. With the Praxis, this is virtually a non-issue.Second, the pump-action doesn’t require a lot of effort to use. Some other Nerf blasters require a lot of strength to pull back and this one, comparatively speaking, uses very little energy. Young kids can handle the spring loaded mechanism easier than ever before.Third, the discs fly far and straight.This gun basically improves on some of the older models in almost every way and I highly recommend it. While it is frustrating to lose ammunition, ammo packs are beginning to become more common and I recommend that anyone who buys this gun grab a few extra ammo packs to go along with it. They are slightly more expensive than the Nerf foam darts but I believe that the advantages are worth it, especially since the foam discs are less prone to damage than darts are.I’ve heard of some models having defects with the magazine not inserting correctly or falling out when firing. I’ve not experienced this issue but be aware that some guns do suffer from it falling one. One way to get around this is not to pull the trigger so tightly. If you do get such a faulty item though I recommend to return it and get a new one.Because the discs fly fast, they can hurt if you’re hitting someone from close range. No permanent damage will be done but they’ll sting more than foam darts will, and as a result I would ensure that if you buy them for kids, make sure they’re able to withstand it.Overall, this gun is excellent and is quickly becoming one of my favourite guns.

  3. beginning archer
    beginning archer says:

    vortex praxis Between my kids and I, we have all of the vortex blasters. I have been a fan of nerf guns since I was little, and am impressed with this new line. They are durable, shoot far, and accurately. The disk does have a bit of ‘zing’ to it; you will feel it if it hits you, especially at close range, but this is the trade-off for longer range. They also ricochet, off of almost everything! The neat side to this, is that you can now try to bounce shots off walls, etc. The downside, is that the little discs end up in the darndest places… Out of the vortex line, this is my favourite. The magazines feed reliably, overall awesome blaster!

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