Flower Grenades

Flower Grenades

Talk about flower power! Make peat not war! The Flower Grenades are packed full of wild flower seeds and a little soil. Simply hurl your weapon of mass urban-reduction onto any dull piece of land and return in a few months to possibly find a miniature Garden of Eden. With over 175 000 acres of derelict urban land across our fair land, our Flower Grenades will add a splash of colour and well needed prettiness to these abandoned areas. Helping to attract wildlife such as bees and butterflies, you can also let rip in your own garden and bombard your boring back yard with a plethora or Rye-grass, Poppies and Buttercups.

Flower Grenades make great Birthday gifts for anyone who wishes that high rise wigwams had been invented before tower blocks and motorways were transformed back to meadows.

Product Features

  • The Flower Grenades are clay grenades filled with growing medium and wild flower seed (Ryegrass, poppies and buttercups)
  • Come in a pack of 3!
  • Each grenade measures approx 7 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm
  • Great garden gifts for any wildlife lover or young gardener!

One thought on “Flower Grenades

  1. sassyfras "LBC"
    sassyfras "LBC" says:

    fun product I bought this for my husband as a gag. It was lots of fun. We threw them out in our back lot. One or two didn’t break on impact, so we threw them at the fence posts. We now have wildflowers in our wild back lot.

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