GE 50246 Smart Home Door Stop Alarm

GE 50246 Smart Home Door Stop Alarm

Securing rooms from unauthorized entry couldn’t be easier. The GE 50246 Personal Security Door Stop Alarm requires no wires or complicated installation and is powered by a single nine-volt battery (not included). Simply place the pressure-sensitive Door Stop Alarm at the base of any door, and the device will emit a powerful 120-decibel alarm when the door is opened. The 50246 Door Stop Alarm is extremely compact, so it’s convenient enough to take anywhere. With this handy gadget, you’ll be able to secure your hotel room, dorm room, apartment, or any room in your home.
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The GE 50246 SmartHome Door Stop Alarm Features:
  • Compact design that’s ideal for traveling
  • 120-dB alarm that acts as a deterrent and alerts you of intruders
  • Battery powered–no wiring or complicated installation

The 120-decibel alarm warns you of unexpected visitors and deters would-be intruders. View larger.

Easy Setup Requires No Wires or Complicated Installation
Setting up the GE 50246 Personal Security Door Stop Alarm is as easy as sliding the power switch to the ‘On’ position and placing the unit at the foot of the door you want to monitor. The alarm requires no wiring, drilling, or complicated installation, and it is powered by a single nine-volt battery (not included). A battery indicator light warns you of a low battery, so you’ll always know when it’s time for a replacement.

In addition, the 50246 features a rubber base pad that provides traction on wood, tile, vinyl, and carpet. With secure gripping ability, the alarm can function as a door stop that prevents a door from being opened.

120-Decibel Alarm for Maximum Protection
The 120-decibel alarm warns you and your neighbors of a forced entry, and it’s enough of a deterrent to scare off most would-be intruders. The alarm is activated when pressure is applied to the top of the device when the door is opened. A sensitive trigger switch prevents intruders from bypassing the alarm by sounding the siren no matter how far the door is opened.

Take Security Wherever You Travel
Security is a big concern for many travelers; the GE 50246 Door Stop Alarm addresses this worry with its portable design and ease of use. You can take this alarm anywhere you go for added protection at hotels, motels, dorm rooms, and more. Measuring just 11 x 6 x 3-1/2 inches (LxHxW) and weighing just four ounces, the GE 50246 Personal Security Door Stop Alarm fits nicely into a travel bag, suitcase, or even a briefcase for easy portability.

What’s in the Box
GE 50246 Personal Security Door Stop Alarm

Product Features

  • 120 dB alarm sounds when activated
  • Pressure on doorstop activates alarm
  • On/off switch to toggle activation
  • Low-battery indicator light
  • Battery powered–no wiring or complicated installation

3 thoughts on “GE 50246 Smart Home Door Stop Alarm

  1. Rose-Lynne K. Osborn
    Rose-Lynne K. Osborn says:

    Glad I had this!! On our recent trip to Egypt and Jordan we stayed at the St. Catherine’s Plaza Hotel in Jordan, the hotel was not very secure and had no added security locks or chains on the door. It was 7 am, I was just waking up when I heard steps coming up our staircase outside and then there was a key in our door and our door being unlocked. We had set the GE Smarthome Door alarm the night before and of course when they tried to enter our room the alarm went off scaring them away, I could hear them running very fast down the stairway. I am so glad I had bought this for our trip or we may have had an unwanted stranger in our room. I highly recommend this alarm!

  2. starry_night

    Affordable and Works Great! Even though I keep a gun next to my bed, it really bothered me that if someone managed to get into my house, I probably wouldn’t wake up in time to get to it. (I’m a VERY deep sleeper and my bedroom’s on the 2nd floor)I’m so glad I decided to order this!It’s VERY loud and the 4 I ordered work on all my doors leading outside.I even found a way to use this on my sliding glass door. By propping it gently against the sliding part of the door, and then putting something heavy behind it, to hold it in place, the alarm will go off if the door’s opened.Like the other reviewer said, I love that it’s portable, so I can bring it with me to hotels and stuff.Anyways, between how well it works, the simplicity of using it and the very reasonable price. I very highly recommend this!

  3. Jay

    Effective and LOUD This product will not disappoint you. 120 decibels is no joke. Fire/Police sirens are approx. 120 decibels. Gunshot approx. 140. Most sound charts start the pain threshold at 125. Excellent product and a cheap/simple security measure. Understand this is just an added level of security (like a tall fence, door lock), not an all-encompassing security solution. I’m not worried about amateur/undetermined intruders now. However, now I’m worried about waking the dead… that might be problematic. They’re always so angry.

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