Vaultz Mesh Storage Bags, Assorted Colors and Sizes, 4 Bags (VZ01211)

Vaultz Mesh Storage Bags, Assorted Colors and Sizes, 4 Bags (VZ01211)

The Vaultz sturdy mesh storage bags are perfect for organizing all of your miscellaneous items, including those numerous troublesome computer cables. Available in a range of assorted colors and sizes, these durable soft mesh bags will help to keep you organized and tidy. Each bag comes with a heavy duty zipper and clip for attaching to binders, notebooks, cases, equipment, and more. The black bag is 9″ x 9.25″, the red bag is 5.5″ x 9″, the orange bag is 5″ x 8″, and the yellow bag is 5″ x 7″.

Product Features

  • Organize equipment, cables, notebooks, and other items
  • Assorted colors and sizes
  • Durable mesh bag
  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Features clip attachment for binders, notebooks, bags, equipment and more.

3 thoughts on “Vaultz Mesh Storage Bags, Assorted Colors and Sizes, 4 Bags (VZ01211)

  1. Jeffrey A "Jeff"
    Jeffrey A "Jeff" says:

    These 4 Assorted Sizes Mesh Storage Bags are a Great Value Buy! These mesh bags are certainly sturdy – the zippers work well and the mesh material is strong.These bags are sold in a set of 4 convenient sizes:The black bag is 9″ x 9.25″, the red bag is 5.5″ x 9″, the orange bag is 5″ x 8″, and the yellow bag is 5″ x 7″Although it appears an awkward design, the diagonally placed zipper across the face of the bag is actually ideal for storing cords, cables and other paraphernalia.I find that by color coordinating my mesh bags with my gadgets, it’s now much easier to find my accessories. (In my orange mesh bag I store cords for my kindle which I carry around in an orange case!)SEE MY PHOTOS IN CUSTOMER IMAGESI use the largest (black) bag for toiletries. The clip is handy for hanging the bag in the gym locker!A set of bags for which you’ll find many uses! – well worth the investment!FEBRUARY 2013 UPDATE: These mesh bags are still in use and are none the worse for wear … At this rate, I may even get another 3 years usage :))Jeffrey A. (Jeff)

  2. Matt WhoIsMatt
    Matt WhoIsMatt says:

    Great Alternative To Plastic Bags I bought these Vaultz bags because I was looking for something more permanent than a plastic bags for storing various small pieces of electronics.This video review should give you an idea of the scale of these bags as well as their quality.5 Stars!

  3. Ed from Denver
    Ed from Denver says:

    Sturdy nylon mesh bags The Vaultz Mesh Storage Bags are a great product — and a good deal for the price! The bags come in a set of four colors, in inches, approximately 9X9 [black], 9X5 [red], 8X5 [orange] and 7X5 [yellow]. The nylon mesh is actually several strands of nylon thread woven into a diamond pattern as if Belgian lace. The stitching is all on the inside and “hidden” well in the flap edges. The zipper, a metal one, is ingeniously sewn down the diagonal of one side [making it easier to insert or retrieve items]. There is also a clip or snap in the middle of one edge; it is buckle like how it attaches to the bag itself. The bag has a sewn on loop through which the buckle part of the clip fits. In summary, this is a very functional set of storage bags. Rugged and plain but attractively colored and well-manufactured. I am not sure how useful it would be for wet or sharp items. But for dry items, it is a good pouch. I intend to use them for musical instrument supplies and accessories, and as the equivalent of a pencil pouch for carrying pens, pencils and drafting implements in my lawyer’s brief. Probably their best use, however, is for storing computer or Iphone accessories and cables. Worth repeating. Well made, very functional and generously priced mesh bags. Clearly, one of the best deals out there. P.S. My wife says the mesh has a clean, non-chemical scent. No offensive smell as some foreign products have.

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