Nikon Deluxe Digital SLR Camera Case – Gadget Bag

Nikon Deluxe Digital SLR Camera Case – Gadget Bag

Protect your valuable photography equipment with this sturdy, water-repellant carrying case from Nikon. Constructed from durable, ballistic nylon, this compact system case is ideal for storing your digital SLR camera, plus lenses and accessories.

The interior of this case is well-padded to protect against impacts and scratches, and features several adjustable velcro dividers, allowing you to customize the fit.

In addition, there is plenty of room for accessories. A zippered mesh pocket inside the lid makes for a great place to store small items such as batteries, memory cards, and filters while the zippered front pocket can be used for writing instruments, cables, cleaning kits and other items. Two side pockets with velcro closures and a large pocket on the back of the bag are great for other items that need to be accessed more frequently such as instruction manuals and notes.

Finally, this case is secured with two heavy-duty metal clips for quick access, and features a soft handle and a padded, adjustable shoulder strap for portability. This case is perfect for beginning and advanced photographers alike!

Internal Dimensions (WxHxD): 11 x 7 x 5 inches (28 x 17.8 x 12.7cm)
External Dimensions (WxHxD): 12 x 8 x 7.25 inches (30.5 x 20 x 18cm)

This case also includes a Cameta Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, perfect for keeping your lenses and LCD screen free from dust and fingerprints.

Product Features

  • Made from durable, water-resistant, ballistic nylon
  • Accommodates 1 digital SLR camera, up to 2 lenses, 1 flash unit and accessories
  • Numerous accessory pockets for batteries, memory cards, filters and more
  • Thoroughly padded for impact protection with padded, adjustable shoulder strap
  • WITH Cameta Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for removing dust and fingerprints from lenses and LCD screens

3 thoughts on “Nikon Deluxe Digital SLR Camera Case – Gadget Bag

  1. brodone

    Not quite enough protection I got the deluxe SLR bag as part of a kit for my new D3100 camera. It does a pretty good job of holding the 3 lenses, filters, battery charger and extra battery etc. The padding did a good job of protecting the camera but I noticed that when I picked up the bag by the top handle, not the long strap, the inside of the bag was open at either end and you could see the camera through the ends. I am very leery of a case that is poorly sealed against dust and dirt and I tend to carry the bag by the top handle when I get in a situation where I want to keep the bag close and there is more activity ( and more chance of dust). It is comfortable to carry but I am shopping for a bag that can be completely closed.

  2. Thomas

    Basic Outfit – Nikon D7000 Essential Gadget Bag I recommend this great bag for getting the things with you that you need, . I have my D7000 with attached neck strap, with attached Nikkor 18mm to 200mm zoom lens and ready to go in it including attached lens hood! It’s sideways ready to grab. It’s possible because you can rearrange the section dividers (velcro held).I also carry the 50mm 1.8D AF (in its protective bag; this lens is not part of the basic outfit, see nikond7000dslr org) which fits on top lengthwise with the zoom lens in its protective bag if desired.The front side zipper compartment (protected by the top cover of the bag, so no water/spill can enter the compartment) contains my USB file transfer cable, the charger (I do not carry the 110V cord as the charger can directly plug into an outlet), the zoom lens protective bag with the rear cap and the AV (audio/video) cable (the camera does not come with the HDMI cable, at least my kit did not, and I probably would not use the AV cable). That still leaves plenty of room for additional `digital film’ SD cards.The release shutter remote (not part of the basic outfit) and the viewfinder cover are in the inside zippered net of the bag cover. I just haven’t taken the time to attach the remote sleeve onto the neck strap.The bag closes without being overfilled or any stress – I think this is the most important part of utilizing a bag… don’t stuff twenty pounds into a 5 pound bag. When closing the bag cover, it fits around all openings snugly and protects the front zippered section in addition to the main camera compartment of water/spills. Some will like that and others might prefer to have access to the zipper without having to open the main compartment. There is no perfect compact bag that will make everyone happy, but no doubt Nikon took the path of best protection over convenience. It’s a trade off.On the outside of the bag is a small front zippered sleeve section (I have nothing in it, but SD cards would be ok in it) and there is a rear open sleeve in which I have carried the D7000 user manual which I may read when I have down time waiting for something and I am carrying my camera of course.Overall the bag is of high quality and its purpose is to carry the necessities, not a photo lab. For that purpose, this bag is the best choice to get started, in my opinion.I do not carry the camera bag at its top handle other than taking it from the house to the car, because the long carrying strap is more convenient and keeps the bag sealed at all times. Using the handle and depending on the weight inside, small gaps between the main bag compartment and the cover could potentially be an issue. I like the long shoulder strap. By using the shoulder strap this potential issue can be avoided.Outstanding price for the quality!

  3. HANS

    nikon bag My daughter and I recently bought 2 Nikon d3000 cameras… we are both beginner photographers… she asked me to purchase a bag for our cameras…. I bought two of these bags…. and they are great…! good workmanship… Nice looking… made out of good materials and above all our cameras fit perfectly… there is plenty of space for accessories, cables, etc. there is also plenty of space for extra lens, batteries,manuals..We highly recommend this bag… the price is fifty percent less as retailed in other stores…

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