Atlantic 85012055 Disc Manager 80 Disc Storage – Black

Atlantic 85012055 Disc Manager 80 Disc Storage – Black

Finding the right disc has never been easier with Disc Manager. Check the index. Make your selection. Lift the lid. Remove the disc. Now you can toss your jewel cases, freeing up much needed desktop working space. With free online disc organization software, creating and printing your media index is a snap.

Product Features

  • Holds 80 Discs
  • 5 Second disc retrieval
  • Free online disc organizing software
  • Patented disc protection
  • Pull Out Disk Menu

2 thoughts on “Atlantic 85012055 Disc Manager 80 Disc Storage – Black

  1. Stephanie

    Easy, fast, and was a great gift! First of all, I just want to say that I was super skeptical about this product. I was looking for a disk organizer for my husbands newly acquired dreamcast games. (We had about 40 of them strung about) I figured for 15 dollars, it was worth a shot, and I’m glad I did! Setting it up was a breeze, you just have to set up an account with discgear, choose your product, and then enter in the disk information. It was super easy to enter everything in, and go in and organize it all alphabetically. You can choose what information shows up on the sheet too. (It’ll even print out CD labels for you if you want those) It took me about 20 minutes to set up 40 CDs with the system, and when your done the organizational label pops up in a PDF. I took the PDF and threw it into photoshop to add my own background to it for him so it wasn’t just plain black, and I was able to put the CD’s into it, and put the list into the sleeve without even taking it out of its packaging.I had also read in a review somewhere that it only shows some of the numbers, and if your disk is in between then you just have to slide it to the approxomate place and hope for the best, but this isn’t as true as it sounds. This is one of the big things that made me skeptical about the whole purchase. Let me explain that the front shows all even number 2-80. If you have an odd number then you slide it in between. The slider is notched, so I have had NO problems pulling the right CD out, every time.I’ve only got 40 CDs installed now, but if we want to add more later, it’ll be easy to do, since the account saves my previous CD’s and settings, I just have to go in and put the new CD information in, and reprint!

  2. DAVE

    Keep It Clean The disc storage units are an outstanding way to help keep one’s house neat and clean. Instead of having CD’s or videos all over the house, they can be easily stored and in the unit. Type up the name of the disc, number it and put the box away until needed. No mess, no fuss. Handy and easy to find when wanted.

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