Grid-It Organizer, Black (CPG20BK)

Grid-It Organizer, Black (CPG20BK)

The Ultimate Organizer! The Grid-It system provides endless configurations for your digital devices and personal effects. Convenient sizes make it a great companion for your current laptop bag or travel case, you will save time on the go by easily finding what you need. GRID-IT! is the most versatile organization system available. With a rubberized woven elastic object retention system for gadget organization you’ll have endless configurations to hold items firmly in place. Intelligent, functional design is at the heart of each and every Cocoon bag and case. Our concept was to create a place where the technological extensions of our lives and work could be kept safe and organized; this is design with a purpose. Cocoon represents a transformational place in which digital darlings and techno toys metamorph from mere mechanical shells into beings reflective of who we are and what we do. These bags are made to protect and safely transport our most precious virtual cargo as we navigate the real world. Wrapped up in their Cocoon, our digital devices are good to go. Organic, biomorphic shapes and futuristic materials that form the protective outer shell characterize this first Cocoon collection. The interior is the soul and features, GRID-IT! , an internal organization system that allows the user to customize and reconfigure the interior organization as their needs and cargo evolves. After all, the essence of Cocoon design is constant evolution.

Product Features

  • Grid-It organization system – a rubberized woven elastic object retention system for gadget organization.
  • Ideal for organizing iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry and other digital devices.
  • Versatile organization.
  • Endless configurations.
  • Designed to hold items firmly in place.

2 thoughts on “Grid-It Organizer, Black (CPG20BK)

  1. Jong Lee

    awkward size and doesn’t fit the smaller items due to larger spacing I purchased this along with the 12×8 version. Unlike the smaller one, the grid spacing on this one is much larger and hence you cannot fit the same sized products here. This was not readily apparent in the description. Also, the aspect ratio of this is a strange as it is wider than a typical laptop. Would not recommend this model but the 12×8 instead.

  2. JKipN

    Who THOUGHT of this? This is clever, handy and innovative. The product fills an organizational nitch. The product is sturdy, well thought-out and well constructed.The straps are fabric-coated elastic with strands of (what feels like) uncoated rubber within the straps. The elastic, obviously, holds the items in place, but the rubber strands grip the items so they don’t slide around or out. I switched the contents of a first aid kit onto a larger version of a GridIt and it not only helped me put to use a very flat, very vertical pocket of my briefcase that had been going to waste, but the contents of the FAK are now all immediately visible. My initial impressions are all favorable (and I have to say, you just have to admire the sheer creativity involved in this product.)Concerns? I wonder how this elastic hold up over time? Hopefully it will hold it’s stretch and not go the way of the band of the fat guys underpants!Suggestions: The “grid” is only on one side of the panel. The “plain” side makes it easier to slide this in and out of the sleeve in my briefcase, but I envision other uses where it would be nice to have “The Grid” on BOTH sides of the panel (or maybe some velcro attachments on the “plain” side).Kudos to a clever invention!

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