MedCenter 4 Alarm Talking Reminder Clock – MedCenter 7094-2

MedCenter 4 Alarm Talking Reminder Clock – MedCenter 7094-2.

Product Features

  • Remind the user when to take their pills up to 4 times daily
  • Features a friendly female voice that can be programmed with a pleasant message, such as good morning
  • Has 4 alarm settings for morning, lunch, dinner, and bedtime

2 thoughts on “MedCenter 4 Alarm Talking Reminder Clock – MedCenter 7094-2

  1. Dennis "BigD"
    Dennis "BigD" says:

    STURDY AND RELIABLE I tried a couple other CHEAPER pill reminders, all but failed over time. I like that fact it takes regular cheap AA Alkaline batteries than specialty batteries. Variable alarm/beep (4) settings or no alarm. Flip the Volume button for louder if you prefer. Normal setting was plenty LOUD for me. 🙂 The female voice is an added bonus…hehe. She reminds me and then keeps on reminding UNTIL I TAKE THE PILLS, click it once, then she tells me my next Pill reminder Alarm/Time if set. The Screen lights up for low room lighting-schweet! Dropped it like 10 times since having a nervous condition and IT WORKED JUST FINE!

  2. Mary

    Wonderful Little Clock I purchased this little clock for my 85 year old mother who was getting confused about whether it was night or day and sometimes forgetting to take her pills or forgetting that she had taken them and taking them again. Sometimes she’d take her morning pills at night or the night pills in the morning. This little clock has been very helpful. If she gets confused about whether it’s a.m. or p.m. she pushes the green button and it verbally tells her “Good morning, it’s 10:00 a.m.” or “Good afternoon, it’s 2:30 p.m.” I’ve set alarms to go off when she is supposed to take her medications so it reminds her to take her morning pills or her evening pills. This has helped her to continue living independently.

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